Major Development: Motion To Compel Granted In Fairholme Lawsuit

Judge Sweeney granted the motion to compel in the Fairholme lawsuit. The order was filed under seal so we will have to wait for the redacted version to get the exact details.

The motion to compel was originally filed under seal on 11/23/15:

The redacted motion and appendixes can be seen here:






This is a major defeat for our government’s attempt to suppress the truth related to the seizure of Fannie and Freddie. As many of you know, the Obama administration has been withholding thousands of documents by claiming a variety of privilege claims. It has become very apparent that they are using these false claims to hide incriminating documents. Based on conversations that I have had with people on all sides of this battle I have long believed that if our government were forced to disclose these documents, it would shatter a defense that has already had many holes blown through it.Today’s events confirm and shed light on some of what I have said most recently both here on the blog and on Twitter @timhoward717.There has been a flurry of activity on the government side that indicated a defeat of this magnitude was brewing. I tried to convey this the best way possible.

The motion to compel concluded:


This news just broke a short time ago I will likely edit this post to include more information and commentary. Thank you for your continued support and for God’s sake Keep the faith!!

Brief Update/ Memorial Post For Dan Coming This Week

Brief Update
“Common Joe” posed a questions earlier that allowed me to cover some important topics:
“While its good to see you responding, but your comments here really puzzle me.
IMHO, there would never ever be any political compromise here.. if you try to deal with 1 or 2 guys yes, but whole party ? … there could be better chance of making pig flying than make agreement on both parties.
Now tell me Tim.. why Obama doesnt want to get credit by releasing FnF back to be privatized and make housing in better position soon ?
Let them build capital and get Gov Chartered out of them… he can be praised fixing the housing , apart of killing bin laden, closing Guantanamo, etc…. This is the biggest issue and dont let Republican gets their dirty hand into it as well. He doesnt have much time before he leaves his office.
Why let court to handle by force instead of settlement to make everyone happy and economy better shape, less taxpayer risk.
Dont tell me he doesnt see this in his plan – even common Joe like me can think thru of it.
Greed and corruption have to end sometime, and it needs to end gracefully if it can, im seeing there is a win-win solution to this without having to engage on court… but seriously the delay here what i just dont understand.
I hope you can answer this if you do have connection with inside admin.

My Response
Many of the answers you are looking for have been well covered in prior posts. President Obama and the Democrats are currently perfectly happy having the GSEs nationalized as they currently are. In the near term, it will take a major legal victory to dislodge this mindset. The perils of this strategy are many but the fact that by waiting they will ultimately have to negotiate housing finance with the House Republicans and they will lose much of what they have now in housing finance is a biggie. Quite the war was waged between Treasury and the GSE haters in the administration and the pro affordable housing forces. We ran a very successful campaign on this front which was evidenced by Treasury and others attacking the minority and civil rights groups that were pushing for the GSEs release. Some of this momentum was channeled towards the Hillary campaign, but much more progress likely could have been made if we were able to stay in the activist position we were in prior to last October.
Trump was approached by Corker who attempted to push his Kill the GSEs at all costs strategy and Trump essentially told him to get lost.
Needless to say, we are in desperate need of a victory in the Perry Appeal and although it is not critically needed an order forcing the Obama administration to hand over the docs they are withholding would be a great help.
Not only do I believe we are on the verge of achieving these victories, but our opponents also believe this is so.
A loss in the Perry appeal would be a major setback on the legal front, but the war will still proceed in Sweeney’s court. I rarely mention the other cases because I have never had much hope there.
Aside from legal front we have as you said nearly checkmated them on the political and policy front.
So yes I am more confident than ever for many reasons. Whether this ends soon or drags on for years, we will be involved in various capacities. We have changed the course of the debate on more than one occasion and look forward to doing so some more.
Tribute To An Unsung Hero Coming
I commented a few days ago that I am going to be doing a post in honor of : Daniel Gregg Gannon who passed away on July 9th, 2016. Many of you know him as ” Dan Xtropin” Anyone who has something to say or share please email me so I can include it in the post. Dan was a loyal soldier of the Truth and his passing is a very sad turn of events. Some people have already sent over some great suggestions but I wanted to get this in a post as well.

Comments Guidelines
In regards to the comments section please try and limit the political attacks/posts I understand it is election time but there are millions of forums where you can vent this type of stuff. Try to limit comments to the truth about Fannie and Freddie and what we can do to save everything they represent.

Keep The Faith!

More Confident Than Ever before.

I wanted to take a moment and check back in. As I have said before, I have been following our cause very carefully and also working on several fronts to advance the truth about Fannie and Freddie. I have stopped posting regularly because some of what I was sharing was being used by those committed to destroying Fannie and Freddie at all costs.
I also wanted to point out that I swept out quite a few wacko comments in the comments section and blocked a whole slew of IP addresses.I have been told that Glen Bradford is behind the Justice has been served poster as well as DC Bob and others.Many of the crazier stunts can generally be traced to Glen, unfortunately. His personal issues coupled with his incessant whining have done far more to hurt us than help.Thankfully our position is so strong now that we can withstand a few crazies meddling on the fringes.
I have written numerous writings related to various aspects of our cause and hope to post some soon.We continue to make big advances on the political and policy fronts and expect that we will resume our prior momentum on the legal front soon. As I shared on Twitter, our opponents have been busy preparing for some major defeats. At this stage of the war, I think we should start preparing to be humble victors and refrain from wild celebrations and in your face type behavior. This will only set us back and discredit our hard fought gains. Keep The Faith