All the emails between Fairholme and the government have been posted, you can find them by clicking the link at the top of the page titled “Discovery Timeline Emails”. This link will eventually be “Legal Docs”, this is where I will post legal docs to do with our case as I am able to. I will try and get the discovery plans up tomorrow. On Feb. 26th Judge Sweeney’s order asked both sides to meet and formulate a plan for discovery that they both could agree on. Rather than follow the judge’s order and negotiate with Fairholme the government once again acted as if they are above the law and just stalled and delayed, getting Fairholme to send over their proposed plan with no intentions to negotiate. The plan the government submitted was primarily devoted to bashing Fairholmes plan. They also filed yet another motion to dismiss, questioning the Judges competence a few days before the deadline to submit the joint discovery plan. It will be interesting to see how Judge Sweeney reacts to this latest showing of blatant disrespect. In regards to the two discovery plans that were submitted, my guess is she sides with Fairholme, but I too would be watching for some additional veiled comments like the ones we got in the discovery judgement regarding the end of the conservatorship.

The political side of things is heating up with the mark-up scheduled for 4/29, I agree with the opinion that the fact they put this off till the end of April its not looking good on their end. I do anticipate it clearing the banking committee though but at what cost? The things to watch will be what amendments will the six more liberal democratic senators demand in exchange for their support? If they do not get a majority of these six, its unlikely Harry Reid will even consider a full senate vote. If they amend the bill anymore left than it is now all republican support will crumble. Keep in mind that Harry Reid is on the record opposing the elimination of Fannie and Freddie. The chance of this bill passing both the senate and the house is hovering at just below zero. Again though be prepared for it to clear the banking committee the end of the month and a half dozen senators from both sides of the aisle appearing on every financial news channel trumpeting the fact that they are confident it can go all the way. Every barometer I’ve checked tells me that regardless of what happens in the senate the bill is doomed in the house. Keep the faith!

I copied and pasted a comment from Hll7575 with reply in case people do not read the comments.

Hll7575said:April 2, 2014 at 6:19 am
So, people should be prepared, but not surprised, that on 4/29 or soon after, there could be yet another manufactured crash of the PPS from politicians’ statements. Apparently, politicians never ran out of spinning acts – it’s part of their culture, and will never admit wrong doings. Just look at the latest of DC mayor’s race where Vincent Gray was defeated in the Democrat primary, or the disgraced ex-VA governor, McDonnell.
I expect the government to dig in all the way so this will be a long legal process. When the government is against the people and it’s legal system, is there any hope left?

timhoward717said:April 2, 2014 at 9:39Hll7575, People should understand that this has been and will continue to be a long war, look at where we were just a few months ago, we have won many battles and have made much progress Jan. Of course those politicians who want to see Fannie and Freddies demise will not just quietly walk away and accept defeat but to think this bill becomes law borders on absurd. Remember there are now four vastly different bills floating around DC in regards to our future. What we are seeing is politicians jockeying around their proposals and bills in the hopes that their ideas are used in what will become the ultimate solution. Remember there are now four vastly different bills floating around DC in regards to our future. On the legal side I see no way for the government to win, this may be over far sooner than people think.