My apologies for not getting the discovery plans posted yesterday. Before I start analyzing them though I think I’d like to back it up to the governments motion to dismiss as this is what brought the discovery motion. I want to get a little more micro-oriented on this blog as well, much of what I’ve shared so far with regards to the GSE’s has been more macro-oriented. I’ve given mostly broad sweeping statements, and judgements are assuming the reader knows quite a bit about the entire situation. These were not my intentions, but due to the limitations in sharing on the other forums it constrained what I could share. Going forward here on this blog when there is no news or developments to share and disseminate I would like to slow it down and explain the key components in greater detail. So over the next few days I plan on A) trying to simplify the governments motion to dismiss and the discovery motion that followed B) offer some commentary on both of these motions. I then will get to the plans for discovery issue. In the near future, I plan to go all the way back and post the original complaint that started this lawsuit and try and translate that into simple everyday terms and offer commentary, as well. I highly suggest that folks do not buy into any of these stocks until they at least know the basic key points. What inevitably happens when people buy stocks in co.s such as these is they tend to buy on a big upswing when hysteria is setting and than sell on the first mini crash when all is doom gloom leaving them with heavy losses. The GSE’s are and will continue to be a volatile situation in the near future at least. I am posting the first page of the original complaint this will look great framed don’t you think? Keep the faith!