A few more thoughts on Mr. Lockhart remember that 1 of the governments key arguments is that the FHFA is totally independent of the government, I would imagine he is feeling a little squeamish about addressing this under oath in discovery.

Now lets take a look at 2 pertinent quotes-

Mr. Lockhart–.”Therefore, in order to restore the balance between safety and soundness and mission, FHFA has placed Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac into conservatorship. That is a statutory process designed to stabilize a troubled institution with the objective of returning the entities to normal business operations. FHFA will act as the conservator to operate the Enterprises until they are stabilized.

”The Honorable Judge Sweeney –“The court agrees. Discovery will enable plaintiffs to confirm that such evidence exists with regard to profitability and additionally answer he question as to when, and how, the conservatorship will end. ”

Its Mr. Lockharts own statement regarding Fannie and Freddie’s conservatorship that played a huge role in Judge Sweeney forcing the government to answer the million dollar question, not if or when but how will the conservatorship end!

 I guess my reference to Dennis Kozlowski was a little ill-timed, it seems as though everyone through the kitchen sink at us after that one!  Keep the faith!