With the absence of any key developments in our case, I hope to finally begin offering analysis of the Fairholme case this week beginning with the Original complaint which I have posted in a new page above titled “Legal documents”. I think it will be very useful for people to understand the nature of our case especially as we move forward with discovery. Our first status conference is quickly approaching, April 23rd 1pm. It will be interesting to see if the government has heeded Judge Sweeneys very overt displeasure with their stall and delay tactics or not. My guess is that due to the lack of any sane arguments they will continue this strategy to some degree right to the end. There are some very unhappy people facing imminent depositions right now, and I would caution them not to jeopardize their careers and or risk imprisonment to try and cover up the government scheme. I do not expect Fairholmes attorneys to rush every piece of new evidence out to the media, they know they are in a very strong position at this point and don’t want to do anything that may turn the tide. They will be more than happy to let the government keep digging themselves into a deeper and deeper hole. I will be watching the status conferences very carefully though and expect some exciting days ahead. The news regarding the former Countrywide banker working with Corker was no surprise, I have pointed out all along what the true motives are with the Senate bills. Keep the faith!