In an article by Margaret Chadbourn/Reuters, Margaret claims that six weeks after announcing their grand bill to replace Fannie and Freddie Senators Johnson and Crapo have the same 12 votes that they had On march 11th. If accurate Senator Corker must feel especially foolish after appearing on practically every financial program touting the popularity of the bill and now With five days to go and they still have the same 12 out of 22 votes. My sources have told me that they do not believe they will even hold a vote Tuesday if all they have is 12 votes. Twelve votes will be seen as a resounding failure. I have to note that although the majority of my sources favor Margarets count, I have been getting mixed messages on the vote count. There is the possibility that they are intentionally dimming prospects so that they can then claim a big victory on the 29th and go on a new round of cheerleading as they did on March 11th. The next few days should be exciting as I’ve been told their are a number of big players looming on the sidelines hoping to get discounted shares on the 29th, hoping the bill passes with ample support. If the vote is postponed or even if it passes but with weak support there is potential for a nice run up. Remember that even if it passes with 16 or more votes the chance that it becomes law is still hovering just below zero. Keep the Faith!