I realize that everybody is chomping at the bit for me to offer a peak into tomorrows senate committee vote, but I want to ask everybody to take a moment here and step back for a moment. Take a look at the bigger picture here. Since my first post on January 8th much has happened that greatly benefits our cause. The list would take hours to compile. Our share price has risen approximately 17% this year since my first post. Although one could argue that this is an extraordinary gain in such a brief span, I think that our securities our a gigantic coiled spring right now the potential for gigantic gains has never been bigger. Our share price barely reflects the progress that has been made on the legal side of our case. Don’t kid yourself a variety of factors concur with a warning I issued early on to smaller retail investors. More and more shares are being rounded up by fewer and fewer players. I warned that many would not have the stomach to hold on through the ups and downs that were inevitable on our path to victory. The primary reason for my posts was and still is to help aid smaller investors share the extraordinary gains that could be realized here.If you go back and read every one of my posts, you will see that everything has progressed and played out exactly as I have predicted. I want to caution everybody to avoid getting swept up by the hype that the media inevitably whip up in cases such as ours. They have one motive, to sell their media. They are not genuinely concerned about us or our cause. The fact that There are headlines criticizing the “misinformation” by groups defending us is pathetic. It is they who have failed to report on the governments heist of our company. Quite possibly one of the biggest attempted frauds in history. If they were even remotely honest about tomorrow, the headlines would be pretty boring “Johnson/Crapo bill stands no chance of becoming law,” one problem though this would not sell their media.The warnings in the memos I posted are much tamer than what would surely arise from this bill; it is clear to me that we would quickly see a complete systematic disintegration of the US housing market the likes we have not seen since the great depression. As I have said all along, this bill is doomed. I find it amusing that, after 6 weeks, they wait till three days before the vote to try and cobble together a few amendments to garner more support. These amendments are too little too late which is how the Fannie/Freddie sage has played out in DC since it began. Rather than deal with the issue six years ago like everything else they simply kept kicking the can down the road. They procrastinated to the point that just as we were about to see the light at the end of the tunnel and pay off the government, they hastily decided to take a page from Hugo Chavez’s playbook, disregard the law of the land and illegally sweep all of our profits to the government. The follies in the senate tomorrow are simply that. I have the utmost faith that America is better than all of this, I do not believe that we will become a banana republic that some would have us become. Keep the faith!