Folks I am both flattered and shocked at the content of the private emails we received today regarding the Johnson/Crapo bill. Most were very favorable and to those I extend our gratitude. To those who are looking for a good news only Fannie/Freddie blog, you have come to the wrong place. I am committed to helping the average investor take part in the potentially huge rewards here, as long as I truly believe they still exist. No one wants to see Fannie and Freddie survive and thrive more than myself, but I will report honestly and accurately as the situation develops. If, at any point, I think, we are in peril on any front believe me, you will know. With that said I am rather baffled how anyone who is seriously invested in Fannie and Freddie, could have interpreted my Johnson/Crapo posts as negative in relation to our long-term prospects. If the vote is held in the banking committee, which I believe it will, it will be merely one more speed bump in our path.I also pointed out, and it was confirmed again today that most big players are waiting for this vote with the hopes of gaining a lower entry price. I would hope that most of the investors with us understand the bill is ultimately doomed. As I said yesterday, I have some interesting leads regarding the Obama administration and the stress test. I will be posting on this soon as well as some other interesting stress test analysis. Keep the faith!