Blinded by arrogance, I could sit here and parse every word that was spoken in the conference today and present much valuable analysis but that will have to wait for another day. I am so disgusted by the government’s handling of this it is beyond words. How dare they disrespect a sitting judge like this. This is America we are ruled by laws. The government was clearly choking on their arrogance today, what kind of example is their insolence setting? What kind of precedents are they trying to create by their blind theft of private property? Have they even given an ounce off thought to what would be left of our country if they were to pull off this brazen scheme? They are NOT going to win. The only question is just how far will they go towards making a mockery of the United States Judicial system. I give the Honoarble Margaret Sweeney much credit for how she has held her composure thus far in the court room. She has been a pillar of grace, but it’s clear her patience is nearing its end. I will give a more rational analysis on all of this tomorrow, tonight I had to blow off some steam. All barometers on the political front point to a failure of the bill. Thanks for listening and I want to thank each and every one of you who have joined our little community here, it means a lot. Keep the Faith!