I must say once again I am astounded by the amount of emails we received after last nights post. Anyone who has been following my posts know that I place equal blame on both democrats and republicans for the unlawful taking of our profits and Co.. The purpose of last nights post was to point out how most of the big names in financial journalism are very conservative, and, therefore, do not expect any real positive Fannie,Freddie articles by them. I will say that they will soon have to change their tune as this becomes possibly the biggest financial news story of the year. If they keep up their negative spin, they risk losing all credibility on other issues, as well. I must say that anyone who did not know how the republicans/conservatives feel about Fannie and Freddie should consider exiting their position and take some time to read through many of the earlier posts here, to at least learn the basics regarding our situation. This is a very complicated, unprecedented situation those buying in with little understanding of the true situation will likely sell at the first hint of volatility, losing their shirts. I assumed most people understood that Republicans are for small government, hence why they want the government completely out of the housing market. The democrats for bigger government hence why they truly do not want to see Fannie and Freddie go away.I have also stated that the democrats and some republicans motive for dragging this out are simply for the billions of dollars they are using to fill budget gaps. I have heard nothing to indicate any big shifts by Mel Watt tomorrow. I would be shocked if anything big is brewing unless after all the leaks regarding Johnson/Crapo they are keeping this top secret. I doubt it. Keep the faith!