I want to start by saying the there is not one hedge fund concerned about tomorrows vote. On the contrary, there are many big buyers waiting for tomorrow’s votes with the hopes of getting to buy in at a big discount. They know everything I have been sharing here with all of you folks. They knew that even before the 6 key democrats announced they would not vote for this bill it didn’t stand a chance. They know that this bill never stood a chance of passing in the republican controlled house. They know exactly what I shared with all of you in my very first entry on January 8th- – “To think such a divided congress will agree on a total reform of home financing, you have not been watching the news..” With that said, I know many the folks following here are anxious about tomorrows vote. I still expect the bill to pass with around 12 votes. If it passes I expect certain media outlets will instantly pump out headlines like, Bill to end Fannie and Freddie is passed!!! Although I have not heard anything that suggests this, if for some reason, the bill fails to pass our shares will rocket. I hope regardless of what happens tomorrow that we do not witness another massive transfer of shares from the little fish to the big fish. Remember their will be a lot of big buyers lined up for your shares at 930am. So far we have seen one of the best weeks in our history, and there is much more to come. The tide has turned in a big way; I can’t wait to get back to discussing the legal side of things, we are about to see some real vindication. Thanks for following here and I hope to see ALL of you tomorrow night, Keep the faith!