I wanted to check in and congratulate everyone, calmer minds prevailed today. It would have been a sin to give up more ground over what was actually very good news for us. I can see where those who are not following in-depth could have panicked at some of the doomsday headlines. So much has transpired over the last two weeks I am not even going to begin to do a summary analysis at this hour.
These last few months a lot of us exercised quite a bit of restraint as not to further antagonize those in DC who were plotting our demise. With the vote finally over and any chance for legislation to pass now dead, this blog will be shifting gears a bit and we will be going to a new level. Although I still have to manage a delicate balance respecting and taking into consideration all involved, I have a bit more liberty now.
Watts interview today was exactly what I expected, It was akin to him thanking Demarco for his fine service after he had just finished destroying his entire agenda on Thursday. Don’t listen to their words their actions tell the real story.
The tide has turned in a big way for us and the next few months should be exciting. Stay tuned and Keep the faith!