Don’t think for a minute that the long holiday weekend brought our information gathering to a stand still, I am literally up to my knees in material over here. While the cats away, …..
I hope this doesn’t go any further than here, but it appears we are becoming the darling of the hedge funds. Not just hedge funds of course but many big buyers have been contemplating an entry here. With the markets peaking we are attracting quite a bit of attention. With the Johnson/Crapo bill all but dead in the senate and good legal news on the horizon there is little downside risk and quite a bit of upside potential. One problem still exists; that is whenever they try to put through anything but small orders the price instantly spikes. Nice problem to have don’t you think.
The coup marches on, the 6 democratic senators who voted against Johnson/Crapo are busy preparing their own bill which will entail reforming and releasing Fannie and Freddie, I do not have a timeline on its release yet.This is a very fluid situation; I am trying to get a feel for the content. This will solidify the coup on the legislative end.

On the legal side of things, we can expect the government to file their last gasp attempt to delay the inevitable with their protective order by Friday, knowing them it will be Friday at 3pm. I anticipate this will be immediately shot down by Judge Sweeney. This will bring us to next Wednesdays status conference that I expect will be one that you won’t want to miss. The games will be coming to an end real quick. I am in the process of putting together an examination of the governments own words in regards to Fannie and Freddies conservatorship. We will point out the gross contradictions they have made by comparing their public statement with their claims in the courtroom. Security’s fraud is an obvious conclusion and if they continue to push, perjury is next. One person who has vast historical experience on these issues, when reviewing the third amendment sweep said,” I find this absolutely chilling, orders such as this were commonplace in the former Soviet Union”
I usually refrain from giving buy or sell specific advice, but I will say that if I was not in the position I am in I would be adding to my position here. buckle up and Keep the faith!