I know for good reason there has been much confusion in regards to the legal cases involving Fannie and Freddie. I am going to attempt to provide a little clarity on this issue. Followers of this blog know that I have covered the Fairholme lawsuit presided over by Judge Sweeney. I have chosen to cover the Fairholme lawsuit till now for many reasons some of which I can not share at this time some I will. One reason is that until recently I felt that the Fairholme lawsuit was by far our best chance of unraveling and ending the governments scheme to defraud us with the net worth sweep. There are essentially two main legal cases The Perry case and the Fairholme case. When the Perry lawsuit was filed, it was accompanied by an immediate request for injunctive relief. They are foregoing a full blown trial for now and strictly want Judge Lamberth to stop the net worth sweep. The Fairholme case is a full-scale lawsuit. These are completely different legal vehicles, and the trial will take far longer to get a verdict than an injunction. To simplify things I will refer to either the Perry injunction or the Fairholme lawsuit. There are several other legal cases as well, and many of them have been joined with these two. These are the only two we need to be concerned with though. The Perry injunction is Presided over by Judge Royce C Lamberth in the UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA.An interesting note here is that Judge Royce C Lambert was appointed in 1987 by none other than Ronald Reagan, I doubt he looks kindly at the government sweeping private profits into the treasury. The way I viewed these 2 cases were that in the Perry injunction, they were going for the 80 yard hail mary touchdown pass and the Fairholme lawsuit was more like a hard fought 80 yard touchdown drive. Due to recent developments I no longer think of it as a hail Mary pass. I will be creating a new link on the top of our home page entitled “Perry injunction.” Here I will post legal documents beginning with Perry’s original complaint. In the near future, I will attempt to bring people up to speed on the Perry injunction.
Both cases are at critical points and have progressed far faster than I ever imagined. Things will be moving quickly, and it may not be long before we have another major breakthrough in either case.
The confusion regarding the legal matters has been widespread. There have been numerous news articles that severely mix these two cases up. Some times information from both cases is combined as if there is only one. Other times I have seen hastily prepared articles implying to be about our cases when in fact they contain nothing relevant to our current legal status. It is critical that people understand that there are 2 distinctly separate cases.
I must say that after talking to many people on both sides of the political spectrum I must say that if Judge Royce C Lamberth does not side with Perry in the Perry injunction it will be looked at historically as the day conservatism died in America. I do not believe he will let this happen. America is too great of a nation to go down the failed road of the Soviet Union,Russia or Hugo Chavez. Keep the faith!