I had a post all ready to go yesterday where I dissected Treasury official Mary Millers Statement line by line, but I decided that I would no longer dignify the governments lies with such an immediate and detailed response. I would also like to take a minute and address the Obama administration and all those in DC, who are wrapped up in this bizarre scheme. People from all over the world are following my blog and this ever unfolding saga. I remind you this in the hopes that at some point you realize how pathetic and embarrassing it is for the entire world to see the most powerful nation in the world behave like a two bit con man. Yes, it is that obvious.To those of us who are forced to watch and dissect your bizarre/haphazard scheme I must say it can be both sickening and chilling to watch. There’s that word again, I know how much you love it. Did it ever occur to you that when someone finds it necessary to use the word chilling when describing you, you might want to thoroughly analyze your behavior and motives? The way you lie and twist the truth to fit the moment has turned this into a truly Orwellian odyssey. I often say the government has repeated the same tired old lies but its actually worse than that. You have a huge variety and often grossly contradicting stories when it come to Fannie and Freddie. It depends on what agenda you are trying to promote that day. Back in March when you were desperate to fill budget gaps created by the forced budget cuts you projected the GSEs (Fannie and Freddie) would produce around 163.8 billion in revenue to the government over the next 10 years. But when you are essentially trying to con people into letting our profits keep rolling your way you quickly switch gears and paint a doom and gloom message about our future. Finally, I have to ask all the “Mary Millers” in the administration, how much does one have to pay you to lie for a living? How far will you push this? At what point do you realize the damage that you are doing to the integrity of our great country?
I want to remind everyone that when the government and others carelessly throw around the idea that somehow the taxpayers are still on the hook for possibly more losses, this is so far from the truth its almost comical. The 187 billion that Fannie and Freddie borrowed from the government included about 50 billion in interest payments that they paid the government. The 187 billion has been more than paid back by 26 billion. So the reality is the government and taxpayers have already made a 76 Billion dollar return on their investment in Fannie and Freddie. If they were simply to reform and release Fannie and Freddie, they would make another three to four times what they have made to date as well. I would love to be “on the hook” for a 226 billion dollar profit. This is all part of their Orwellian effort to maintain the false narrative.
Though I rarely comment on share price fluctuations, I know many are concerned with the steady decline we saw this week. I want to remind everyone again that this is a very volatile situation. Whenever a company is in such a great state of flux with so many variables price fluctuations are the norm. Remember on March at 18 we were sitting at $3.06 per share we are up substantially in just over 3 months. The bottom line is until DC changes their tune which, by the way, behind the scenes we are gaining momentum, everything relies on our legal cases. To me the day to day price is almost irrelevant, regardless of where the price is the day prior to a favorable judgement we will enjoy extraordinary gains the day after. It is up to each and every one of you to determine your own course of action based on your appetite for risk and what you determine to be the odds for great rewards. I would like to thank everyone for the spirited and informative comments, the letters from your representatives in DC are very enlightening! Keep the Faith!