I want to post an excellent comment made today in the comments section of the “Commentary on Governments response (Fairholme lawsuit)” post.
“I don’t hate the government lawyers, they’re just trying to do their jobs. Sure, their arguments are laughable, but could you do better trying to defend what the government has done and is doing? It’s like trying to defend a thief that was caught on camera still wearing their name badge on their shirt. The government hasn’t given them any evidence to convince the judge what they are doing is legal, so all they can try to do is hide what the government has done. In the example above, it would be like asking the judge not to permit the footage of the thief wearing his name tag on his shirt. Then trying to come up with a reason for it, like saying it could hurt his family members.” I want to thank this anonymous reader. This sums up the government position very accurately. Keep the faith!