(Fairholme lawsuit) “jurisdictional discovery will occur in waves,” That is one of my favorite lines from Judge Sweeney’s order today. How can we not celebrate the fact that “waves” of discovery will finally begin? Another key takeaway I have is that Judge Sweeney is on to the stall and delay tactics that have been the primary government strategy, and she will no longer be allowing them to play that game. The fact that she issued an order today immediately after hearing oral arguments and the fact that she only gives each side till Monday at noon to submit proposals speaks volumes. Many of those I have spoken with agree. I was not sure exactly what Judge Sweeney would do today, but I assumed she would find a happy medium between the two sides. I have to give Judge Sweeney a lot of credit, anyone who studies this case is flabbergasted at what the government is trying to pull off. Judging by several factors she obviously is just as disgusted with the government scheme as we are. But she also knows that whatever her verdict is it is sure to be appealed. This also explains many of the repetitive procedural stunts the government has pulled. They are laying the groundwork for an appeal, the appeal they must know they will likely be forced to file.Judge Sweeney needs to display impartiality to both sides or risk giving the loser a free ticket to a retrial. One of my biggest fears was that she was going to be to pro Fairholme today believe it or not. I must say she aced it, she agreed to begin the first wave of discovery based on the government proposal. She knows much is sure to be discovered which will inevitably lead to the second wave. It was a masterful order. Remember, “The court will enter a written order resolving defendant’s motion in depth at a later date.” and I can’t wait.
I want to thank the gang over at Stock Twits FNMA for their kind words today and to all of them I say,thank you as well, the work you are doing is vital to our cause as well.
I also want to extend our deepest thanks to those who are providing us with a lot of very valuable data, some are risking quite a bit for our cause. You know who you are, and we will not forget.
The quote I shared before, “The wheels of justice grind slowly but exceedingly fine…” is very fitting today.The government has to feel the vice today, after almost a year of making a mockery of our justice system they have now been forced to comply. This my friends is a great day for all of us; this marks the day that many swore would never arrive. as always Keep the faith JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL!