I will give more analysis later but I wanted to get this update posted that I received from a very reliable source , many thanks , Keep the faith note : the first time we posted this the first paragraph was accidentally left out)

“I went there and found Bruce B was sitting on the front row. Surprise.
Sweeney was reasonable to both parties (She said paying attention to sensitiveness of certain privileged government material, but agreed with plaintiff’s counsel on the importance of discovery.)
I expect some decision like this:
1) If discovery leads to something not yet presented to plaintiff’s counsel, additional discovery is performed.
2) Limited access to the provided documents by certain people to prevent leak.
3) She seemed to believe a broad date range is necessary.
Maybe something like this: a related item found in the pre-determined date range, and all previous items referred by and later items (outside the date rage) referring to this item are produced. (If a later item is omitted, we would never know.)”