Someone forwarded me the transcript from yesterday Fairholme lawsuit hearing. I have attached a PDF below.This is a literal goldmine, Confirms everything I received and relayed to you last night and more. Commentary surely to follow. Keep the faith!
Judge Sweeney calling the governments argument schizophrenic!

THE COURT: And so far, I haven’t gotten — I
haven’t received a good answer from the Government. Counsel
is very able. But counsel has expressed concern of what
could happen if certain documents are released, which I do
not want to see happen, but counsel didn’t answer to my
satisfaction the discrepancy between sort of using the
deliberative process as sword and shield. On one hand, FHFA is a government entity, you know, for purposes of booting the
Plaintiffs out of court and not part of the Government, but
for purposes of forwarding discovery, all of a sudden
deliberative process is appropriate because they are part of
the Government. So, it’s a schizophrenic approach and I’m
just waiting to hear a reasonable explanation.

6:19:14 oral arguments hearing 2