I really do no want to wade into the arena of analyzing day to day price fluctuations, but I know the recent downslide has raised an alarm with many of our readers. I will be posting a little analysis on the todays status reports either later tonight or tomorrow morning but I wanted to address this now. First I will state a likely path that that investors like Bill Ackman follow when investing in Fannie and Freddie. He researched the heck out of our situation and came to the same three conclusions that I have, which is one- the huge role Fannie and Freddie play in the American economy and how impossible it would be to replace them and maintain an affordable home financing for all mandate.Number two- that we have a very strong chance of having the sweep overturned, and our profits redirected back to us. And finally he also understands that with the political climate in DC it is highly unlikely that they would agree on a plan to do away with Fannie and Freddie. He then made the decision to make a substantial investment in Fannie and Freddie. I am sure he did not invest more than he could afford to lose considering that this is such a volatile and unprecedented situation. I guarantee you he pays little to no attention to the day to day price fluctuations, he is concerned only with the outcomes in the Fairholme lawsuit and the Perry injunction and the two other key points. By the way if you read my very first post you will see that this is the path I charted from the very beginning. I also recall stating that in situations like ours, in the absence of any good news we generally will trend downwards. This pattern was interrupted the last few months by people accumulating large positions, which I wrote about as it was transpiring. So my previous statement may be revised to, in the absence of any news or people building large positions we generally trend down. But remember the minute good news breaks we could see 30-100 percent one day gains depending on the news. I also will add that stocks in situations like ours generally tend to attract a lot of day traders and short swing traders trying to make a quick buck, this also feeds heavily into the extreme price volatility. We will probably add an FAQ section on the top of the page where we will copy and paste some posts that cover these frequently asked questions. In conclusion, I will say that nearly everything I have said has come to pass or hasn’t played out enough to determine the result.Though I don’t necessarily agree with Dick Boves zero or $20.00 per share result, I do know that we are in for a wild ride. I think that there are numerous paths where we could land anywhere between $0 and $20.00, and somewhere we could greatly exceed $20.00 even. I will try to take a day and lay out several paths that could land us in the full spectrum. I wish I could look into my crystal ball and proclaim victory but, unfortunately, that’s not possible. But let me be clear that I am personally much more confident in our victory than I was back in January. We have made great progress on all 3 key areas I identified in my first post. I see no way both courts could side against us if they do it will spell the end of the United States as we know it. There is no question in my mind that if this gross injustice is allowed to stand, it will historically mark the end of American dominance, and like all the great empires that have fell before us, we too will begin our descent. Keep the faith!