I had sat down to put the finishing touches on a post I have been working on for weeks. The brief lull in news afforded me the opportunity to come close to completing it yesterday. But we received a comment today that caused me to pause; it was one of the most moving pieces of correspondence we have received since our struggle has begun. I will delay the previously planned post till tomorrow as not to dilute from this incredibly moving experience.
What I found most moving was how Scott did not fill in all of the blanks to tie his sacred experience directly into our struggle. He did something far greater He left it as an open book, one that each and every one of our us must reflect on. This is a portion of his comment-

….” Many are interested in these company’s purely on an investment standpoint only. Although I have a modest investment here I follow it more so for the concern for my Country! What captivates me about your writings is that I believe you too are more concerned about the outcome more so than the investment. I mean the loss of hardworking peoples money is bad but the blatant unchecked theft is worse. People who engage themselves care for either of the two reasons or both but most sheeple don’t have a clue about these Lawsuits or any of the other scandals. I mainly sit back and read everyone’s comments to get the feel of the people. So for those in the position of power who too sit back and read others comments just to get a feel for the people. I’ll leave you with this story.
On July 4th 2006 I took my family to Washington DC and walked through Arlington National Cemetery. We spent the afternoon there from the tomb of the unknown to JFK and we finished up at the Iraq war section. We saw many fresh graves and took the time to read every name on every stone we walked by! My wife and daughter were tearing up as they read the names and remarked that one died on his birthday. Most young men were only teenagers when they died. My son asked me “Dad why is that plywood there?” I said it was a grave that was dug awaiting for the burial ceremony. He was so innocent at that time but it was one of the most powerful experiences my family ever done together. Today he serves in the Marines as did I and his Grandpa in the Army and Great Grandpa. We left Arlington and walked to the National mall to see all the monuments and wondered why you couldn’t drive and why were all these people there as we didn’t realize DC had a big event that day. We ended up at the Washington monument to watch a concert and one of the best firework shows I ever seen. That day was such a patriotic day and it makes me proud to be an American.
Thank you “Tim” for the patriotic work you do!” Scott S.

I know some days it seems as if we are gravely outnumbered.We have endured just about every form of attack one’s government could throw at us yet we are not only still standing we are stronger than ever. We can not surrender; we must ensure that our government is held responsible.Thomas Jefferson once said,  “The price of freedom  is  eternal  vigilance.” Scott we salute your son for the decision he has made to bravely defend our country. As he defends our country and way of life in the military, it is our responsibility to defend our way of life here. It is our responsibility to fight to ensure that the country in which he proudly defends is not allowed to stray down the road in which many in our government would have us tread. As Scott made so poignantly clear, freedom isn’t free. It is up to each and every one of us to defend our way of life . I too am proud to be an American Scott, how can one not after reading your post. Let’s all keep Scott’s son in our prayers and honor the sacrifice he is making by trying to be eternally vigilant.God bless you and your family Scott, you my friend are a true American. Keep the faith!