A strategic shift is continuing to occur as forces across the spectrum are beginning to take notice of the blatant theft and trampling of shareholder rights that the government has been committing against us. There are those too who are beginning to see that our chances for a legal victory and being set free are climbing rapidly. Judge Sweeney made it very clear yesterday in the Fairholme lawsuit that she sees right through the governments charade and is not going to stand for it. Although most of the media continues to misreport grossly on our struggle which is evident in the headlines today reading limited discovery granted, that was not the news, discovery was granted months ago. The real news was how judge Sweeney slammed the governments absurd attempts to trample the rule of law, making it clear that ultimately she will put an end to the entire scheme.
Our grassroots campaign to inform America about the soviet style profit grab and how it will forever change America is picking up steam. I think both Ron luhmnann and Yaquino hit on a brilliant idea in the comments section of last nights post.I would ask that everyone copy their simple messages or writeup one of your own and flood the comments sections of every major article on Fannie, Freddie there is. Take our message to Twitter, Facebook, write letters to key financial journalists and publications. Use any of the content here if you wish as Yaquino did. Refer them to our blog as so many are still grossly uninformed.
The news today about the launch of the largest risk sharing MBS offering to date by Fannie Mae yielded a few clues. It appears demand is not as high as the previous offerings which make it even more laughable that there are those that believe that private capital will be willing to shoulder a large portion of the market that Fannie and Freddie carry.
On the Perry injunction contrary to what some believe I do not think Judge Lamberth will issue a ruling prior to hearing oral arguments. I am a little baffled though because as I stated previously I heard that he was planning to hear oral arguments the end of this month and still nothing is officially scheduled. He may be studying the reams of documents he was given and preparing for the oral arguments and ultimate decision. The biggest decision of his life.
I am working on another major post that I believe will add a whole new dimension to the discussion and open even more eyes. Keep the Faith!