I want to start tonight by posting the agreement we made with Jacob Wolinsky from Value walk on July 1st,
“Jacob, I like your approach, let’s keep it as simple as possible for now. On behalf of the timhoward717.com blog I give you permission to re-post any and all content you like with the only condition you credit the timhoward717 blog. This email constitutes a verbal agreement between the timhoward717.com blog and Jacob Wolinsky/Valuewalk.com. This agreement can be rescinded or modified at any time for any reason.
If you were considering any compensation, I would ask that you simply donate it to a charity of your choice that helps impoverished children. I am partial to the Lakota Sioux reservations in South Dakota but use your own judgement. I do not need to see any accounting or proof, I will trust your word.
I will also make mention of what you are doing in support of our cause in a future blog post. It is also fine to feed any and all content to the Street and where ever else you can help spread the word.”
We have turned down numerous offers to commercialize and or profit off our work here I must say that if I did not care deeply about this than there are very few people who could afford what I would require to perform what I offer for free here.
We chose to do this to help spread our simple message to a wider audience. We chose Jacob Wolinsky because he has consistently been reporting on our cause like a true reporter; he is not afraid to expose exactly what the government is attempting to do.
It came to our attention last night that a reporter at Housingwire.com basically copied part of our post and used it in his article. Now I am thrilled that many of the points we have been driving home have been turning up in all areas of discussion. But please folks let’s try and show a little more discretion and observe the normal protocols when using someone else’s writing in your articles a simple “as was pointed out on timhoward717.com” and quotation marks could solve this issue.
I want to welcome stock twits refugees to our forum I feel like our family grew a little bigger today. As I said, earlier this will be a good place for me to share little tidbits when I don’t have the time or material for a full blown new post. I will try and answer as many questions as possible there as well.
I want to point out an article that shows the tide is truly shifting. It’s titled “The Way Forward for Affordable Housing.” It’s written by JEFFERY HAYWARD AND ANNE MCCULLOCH two premiere Fannie Mae executives. It’s great to see Fannie employees being allowed once again to share with the world the great things they are doing you were silent too long. I want to point out that we are exploring options to purchase billboards in Virginia to personally thank the employees of Fannie and Freddie for helping to save America from financial ruin.
Finally, I just want to mention that the documents have begun to flow from the government. Keep the faith!