I received an interesting email earlier today.I attached a PDF file below. Its an opinion written by Judge Rosemary M Collyer in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia.It was in relation to a wrongful termination suit filed by The plaintiff, Caroline Herron, a former Fannie Mae vice president and later a consultant.
The opinion clarifies several issues regarding the conservatorship of Fannie and Freddie. It also offers some very clear opinions which could serve as a precedent. Judge Collyer makes a very clear distinction between a conservatorship and receivership. She also clarifies this as well as the governments role as conservator by citing the governments own words as I have done in the past.
She very clearly states the conservatorship is temporary and must end eventually. I will be adding to this post later. I want to cite some key parts of the opinion and offer some more commentary. This was an excellent find; I would like to thank whoever was kind enough to send it to us. Keep the Faith!

Update: 8/11/14 1:01 AM
This really is an incredible addition to the case we have laid out up until now.It’s encouraging to see a federal judge make many of the same points and cite many of the same references that I have stated here repeatedly. Don’t take my word for it, Judge Collyer makes it explicitly clear that our government is indeed trampling the rule of law in their quest to seize all of Fannie Maes profits. I highly suggest that everyone study this opinion very carefully, it covers quite a bit of ground in a rather brief piece. It is quite simply a legal Picasso as far as our case is concerned.This opinion offers us a very clear snapshot of what I believe will ultimately end up in the final verdict of our current cases. I will be posting a followup to this in which I will dissect various parts of the opinion and give further analysis. This is such a critical find I do not want to rush.
This should be a very interesting week ahead. Keep the Faith!

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