We received a lot of great comments today. The idea of a “viral media day” was suggested by Andrew, who has become quite a leader here, and I commend his efforts.As I said earlier, I think we should plan a few big events, events that will be sure to attract a lot of attention. In the mean time though we should begin by notifying as many media outlets as we can. There were too many excellent suggestions today to report all of them but I suggest people review them. Hawk eye had a great suggestion when he said ” I agree about going bigger. We should have a slew of positive material (mostly just facts, links to critical court papers and articles) accompanied by short friendly and direct messages that can even be personalized before distribution. This cash of items posted here and then we ask our supporters to spend at least one hour of their time tweeting and emailing all the major news outlets that they can. We can also send these out to all our government representatives, talk show hosts and anyone else that will listen. All of this would be fairly easy to do.”
I have been working on a general plea to media post; I can get this up tomorrow and that can become the post where we continue working on this. We should formulate some sample emails and posts that people can copy and paste. Of course, they should personalize them as well. I honestly believe the lack of attention is partly because many simply do not know what is transpiring, and this campaign can help change that. remember all we need to do is get one major news organization to do a story. This will blow the lid right off of the governments attempts to lurk in the shadows. Once one story hits it will trigger a flood of media attention. I have to say that I have been pleased to see many of the points that have been raised here on our blog continue to make their way into a broad spectrum of the discussions regarding Fannie and Freddie.
There was also discussion of a class action suit, and it was shared that Investors Unite may already have something like this in the works. I may be speaking to someone working on behalf of Investors Unite, and I will ask about this.
Keep the Faith!