Please listen closely as this will be the last time we address this issue. This is and always will be an anonymous blog.Look at us like a good version of the CIA, we will neither confirm nor deny the association of anyone’s involvement or lack of involvement with this blog. There are numerous people involved; we share a common goal of shining the light of truth on the grave criminal acts our government has committed in its soviet style profit grab of Fannie and Freddie’s profits. The name of the blog should not be interpreted to imply the involvement or lack of involvement of anybody.
As we have been stating for weeks, we are in the process of restructuring many aspects of our operation. We have been in negotiations with several parties to expand both our depth and reach but have not reached any deals, many of those interested want too much control over what we present. We will not make any decisions that will deter us from delivering the pure unadulterated truth. We have not attempted to make one penny off of this therefore unlike everyone else involved we are beholden to nobody. We quite simply are beholden to the truth.The lies and misconceptions that are being spewed out by both our government and the media is sickening. These two entity’s that were suppose to be the bedrocks of our democracy have failed miserably. We watch as the conservative financial media has become the propaganda arm in the governments Soviet-style profit grab. They have heeded our calls to refrain from their blind backing of the government yet as of late they have resorted to parading Ed Demarco around to take their place. Ed has recently teamed with convicted felon Mike Milken; I am working on a nice post addressing this diabolical pairing. I have also learned that fear of losing their coveted status amongst those in “power” has also played a role in their refusal to defend the rule of law. Yes our media once again blindly chooses to place profits ahead of the truth. As I said we are not nor will we ever be beholden to anybody, we will be here to the end proclaiming the truth and defending democracy.
As I said earlier today at 12:39 pm in the comments section of the last post, Our case has only grown stronger; there is no logical reason for this slide. I have said all along this is a volatile, unprecedented situation, and we will be in for a wild ride. Remember on March 18 we were at $3.06 and 4/9 we were back to $4.13. I have said time and time again that swing traders are dominating these movements. They are trying to pick up big gains short term. When the trade start’s moving against them, they bail. When we start moving up they all jump back in and so forth. The Richard Epstein piece is brilliant, read it, know it. There have been a series of great articles the last few days. The piece by Eric Telford is truer than many believe. Eric got some good information; he just misinterpreted it and made the mistake of clouding it up with partisan rhetoric.
I now want to turn my attention to the government since we know you have been quite busy reading our blog as of late. I hope you like what you see, I hope you read every post carefully and realize that your trampling of the rule of law threatens our democracy at its core.
Finally, I want to send out a song, it offers quite a bit of wisdom I think everyone involved should listen very carefully.
One line in particular though I want to direct to the government:
“Son, I’ve made a life Out of readin’ people’s faces, Knowin’ what the cards were By the way they held their eyes, So if you don’t mind me sayin’ I can see you’re out of aces, For a taste of your whiskey I’ll give you some advice”. Keep the Faith!
“The Gambler”