Our campaign to convince conservative/Republicans to stand up against the governments lawless third amendment is reaping huge rewards. Today in a massive show of force, 17 conservative groups led by the Competitive Enterprise Institute have asked the House Financial Services Oversight & Investigations Subcommittee to demand that the U.S. Treasury Department disclose to Congress and the public all documents that pertain to the governments lawless third amendment sweep. This was when the government committed securities fraud by having the government (Treasury) make a deal with the government(FHFA)to sweep all of Fannie and Freddie’s profits to the government (Treasury).In their request they state, “Not only is the Third Amendment an unprecedented power grab that violates shareholder property rights,but the process used by the Treasury Department to develop the amendment provided neither an opportunity for public comment nor the customary safeguards that permit we the people to hold our government accountable. To this day the Amendments provenance remains secret.” Bravo to CEI and company, this is what we would expect from true patriots!
As I said in our September 4th post “I was wondering how long it would take for conservatives to realize that Fannie and Freddie were not going anywhere? This realization has lead to a growing chorus from conservative voices to condemn the illegal third amendment sweep”. This post was entitled “Coup underway at FHFA;Fannie,Freddie here to stay?”. I suggest our newer readers read it to get more perspective on todays development. As I stated also on September 4th,
“Conservative analysts are just now catching on to the news I broke in a blog post on May 13,2014 entitled “the coup has begun.” I actually was asked to refrain from speaking about this out of fear that it could derail the entire effort. As our readers have seen I recently broke my silence on this critical issue recently. The reason I did so was because we received multiple indications that a wider audience was finally waking up to this reality. Our indicators were publicly confirmed in an article published by the Washington Examiner written by Joseph Lawler titled “Conservative analysts warn of growing Fannie and Freddie” released Wed. 9/3/14.In the Article Joseph reports “Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are set to grow, and that has conservative economists worried.The Federal Housing Finance Agency is proposing to increase the number of home loans for people in low-income areas and people in multifamily housing such as condos and townhouses. The goals, which the agency is required by law to set, are for the years 2015-2017.Coupled with a decision by new FHFA Director Mel Watt earlier in the year to cancel an increase in the fee it charges for government insurance on mortgages — a move that will ease credit terms — Friday’s announcement concerns Winkler. “The overall tone shift from shrinking the government-sponsored enterprises to maintaining broad access has conservatives worried,” Todays news confirmed that we made the right decision.
For two years, conservatives have sat in silent complicity allowing this outrage to go unchecked. Due to their ideological hatred towards Fannie and Freddie they chose to ignore this blatant trampling of the rule of law. Not one media outlet or reporter called them on this, many for the same reason. Our readers watched since January as we stood alone in this fight to shame them into honoring their principles. Many of our readers joined the cause in or “Light of Truth campaign.” It is results like this that should cause us all to stand proud. Our efforts are making a huge difference in preventing America from allowing this Soviet-style profit grab to stand.
It will be interesting to see if Obama and the democrats expedite their planned coup now that conservatives have broken their silence and threaten to reveal the Third Amendment for what it truly is. Time is running short as discovery proceeds in the Fairholme lawsuit; we can only imagine what is being revealed there.
I have received further interesting insights as to both the democrats and republicans and will be providing further clarity in this regard in the next few days. Keep the Faith!


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