I just wanted to let our readers know that we will be ending our affiliation with Value Walk. We had been allowing them to publish our posts which helped us get our critical message to a larger audience. We declined any payment, we simply asked that they donate any compensation to any charity that assists poor children on The Lakota Sioux Indian reservations. This agreement worked very well for several months but lately they have not. Lately, they have been taking our posts and having Todd Sullivan from Value plays rewrite them into long, complicated diatribes often containing critical factual errors. I understand that Todd has been on the side of Fannie and Freddie shareholders, but I would respectfully ask that he cease this practice. The message we are seeking to convey is well-thought out and to have someone repeat our message, often within 24 hours serves only to dilute and distract. We have a very clear strategy and are beholden to no one. Unfortunately, this does not seem to be the case with anyone else involved. Our mission is simple, convey the truth about Fannie and Freddie. We will relentlessly pursue this goal regardless of who we may offend. Whether it be the highest levels of power or the most acclaimed media institutions, our light of truth knows no bounds. We do not accept any payment nor do we accept advertisers. Though attempts to do so have been made, we can not be bought. We will be here until the end. We are currently exploring other options to help ensure our message receives a wide audience. If anyone knows anyone who would be interested in publishing our posts, unedited of course, please email me.
We are still in the process of restructuring things and will be expanding soon. We have already lined up some excellent people to work on the blog and will be announcing further changes soon. If anyone is interested in getting involved more directly in our campaign, please email me so we can have a conversation.
I had a very moving discussion with a war veteran tonight. Without getting into details, I will say it was one of the most powerful experiences I have ever had. I saw the weight he carries within himself day in and day out as a result of defending our nation and way of life. It is for people like him that I write this blog. We can not allow the unbelievable sacrifices, so many have made go in vain. This is about so much more than Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Keep the Faith (The lid may blow off sooner than you think)