Big news today with the resignation announcement of Attorney General Eric Holder. I will refer to the last paragraph of Mondays post-
“I am not the only one who has taken notice of the dire implications contained in the perry motion.High-level officials are considering the serious implications that this will pose for the administration.When the lid blows off of this, it is Obama who will ultimately be left holding the bag, and he knows this. All the congressman on both sides of the aisle who have played such a huge role in the hijacking of Fannie and Freddie will scatter like rats on the Titanic. History will quickly forget the role any of them played in it. It will although be forever etched into Obamas legacy.”
We find it interesting that a mere days after hearing reports that concerns were developing among high-level administration officials and three days later we get the resignation announcement of attorney holder.
I think it’s fair to say that any attorney would be concerned with the way that Assistant Attorney General Stuart F. Delery has allowed the governments defense to play out in both the Fairholme Lawsuit and Perry injunction.
Although the grave implications posed by the perry motion have rung through the White House, I would not suggest that the Fannie/Freddie situation played a primary role in his resignation. We do believe that he is amongst those in the administration that has questioned the decisions to try and defend the virtually indefensible third amendment.
I like to thank all those who reached out to offer support during our transition; we will get back to everyone over the weekend. I am hoping to get an overall review of our entire situation up soon. We will be pulling some of the most informative and revealing posts from throughout the year to offer new readers an easier way to catch up on things. This new post will be ever evolving. It will give all of us a chance to make a strategic overall assessment of where we have been and where we should be going. Many thanks to all of you who have been helping us get the truth out. Keep the Faith