Big decisions in Perry Injunction case, Analysis to follow, I have to study the documents. Keep the faith!
As you can imagine, I have much to say regarding Judge Lamberth’s decision to suspend reality and rule in favor of the government.Unfortunately, this decision comes as I am preparing to fly to Washington Dc in the morning. I will be meeting with key players in our cause tomorrow. I have been asked not to disclose the terms of the discussions at this time. I hope that the reasons I have been called to DC prove to be fruitful. If they are the timing of this ruling will speak volumes.
I will say Lamberth’s ruling reads likes one we would expect from a Russian judge justifying the nationalization of a private company. Obviously we underestimated the lengths conservatives will go to rid the world of Fannie and Freddie. But I will remind everyone that the decision today was in regards to the Perry Injunction case, the Fairholme lawsuit is alive and well. Judge Sweeney has not suspended reality on the governments behalf as Judge Lamberth chose to do.I highly doubt she will allow this attempted Nationalization to stand. I also have to question the timing of Judge Lamberth’s decision just as the government is being forced to turn over reams of incriminating documents in the Fairholme lawsuit discovery. A key point also is that the Perry Injunction was the equivalent to a hail mary pass in football. The Fairholme lawsuit is the 90 yard hard fought touchdown drive.
I also want to say that none of the bills to reform housing finance stand any chance of passing. For Obama to allow the clock to run out on this issue and turn it over to a potential Republican presidency in 2016 would spell disaster.I will update everyone as to the meaning of my trip to DC as I am able to. I will be posting a much more detailed response to this decision soon as time allows. Keep the Faith.
I am adding an excellent analysis by Richard Epstein :

9:30:14 Memorandum Opinion (Perry Injunction) 2

9:30:14 Order (Perry Injunction) 2

9:30:14 Order Judicial notice (Perry) 2