Just got back in from a series of meetings in DC. Two that we were summoned to and two that we sought out. I must say it was surrealistic discussing our cause at the foot of the Washington monument with a key player. I am in the process of disseminating a rather large volume of information.Having been up for almost 24 hours at this point, I need to rest before I try and share too much.
High level Democrat on the House Financial Services Committee clearly recollects that it was never the intent of HERA to take the companies away from the shareholders. they explicitly recall that the conservatorship was to be temporary. That once the companies were in a safe solvent condition, they were to be released. She is as disgusted as we are about the unlawful third amendment sweep that transpired in 2012. It was fascinating to hear them recollect the negotiations between Barney Frank and George W Bush. We have confirmed our earlier reports that Fannie and Freddie have broad support on the House Financial Servies committee.
Isn’t it ironic to see the conservative financial news sites gleefully championing судья Ламберт (Judge Lamerth’s)Soviet-style ruling the same day that a high level Democrat stands up for the rule of law? I caution our readers that the gross misrepresentations of судья Ламберт decision in the media are epic.One reason for this is the fact that very few reporters have even a basic understanding of our very complicated situation. The other is their ideological hatred towards Fannie and Freddie has effectively made them mouthpieces for the U.S. government. Both sad, unfortunate realities.
I apologize to those who are annoyed at my decisions not to reveal all I know. I am not going to jeopardize our ultimate victory by divulging too much too soon.
I have resoundingly confirmed that судья Ламберт Soviet-style ruling has slammed the door on any notion that private capital will ever replace Fannie and Freddie.
I have much more to say on судья Ламберт ruling and look forward to addressing this when I get home. One thing I will say is I was surprised to see the extent of the sell-off yesterday. Who in their right mind would sell simply because we lost the hail Mary case? I have to wonder why were they even in, in the first place?When I survey our entire situation, especially the status of the Fairholme lawsuit and gigantic political considerations I ditto Rep. John Larson’s statement: “Fannie and Freddie aren’t going anywhere”. Keep the Faith!

Note: We will be referring to Judge Lamberth as судья Ламберт. This is the Russian translation.His legacy forever stained by his reckless support of the Soviet-Style profit grab.