Our light of truth has created quite a stir amongst all factions in our battle the last few weeks. But then again this is what we wanted correct? It is also a fact that our simple, truthful message has resonated in some pretty high places as well. I have been told “Your blog has had a profound impact on changing the views of certain congressman” “The eloquence of your words has moved them” . Those two statements confirm that we have achieved a key objective. You see certain people still recognize and appreciate the truth. In our case often it is a “cold hard truth” and I am grateful that it has resonated so well. The profound effect we have had has led a variety of people on both sides of this battle to reach out to us. This played a role in my trip to DC last Wed. morning. The trip was very fruitful and the results of which will be evident in all of my posts from here forward. I must say the speculation concerning my dc trip though amusing is sure to leave a few folks feeling foolish one day soon. I just want to assure everyone that when the last inning is played, and we are able to explain in greater detail the extraordinary assets that we have behind us, you will better understand how we have been able to do what we have done in such a short period of time.
We live in a time when most politicians are far more focused on power than the people.Our cause means but one thing to most of those involved in DC; that is political survival.
Thus, it should come as no surprise that how this drama has unfolded and will conclude will be based on a purely political basis. The fact that millions of Americans lives are hanging in the balance due to their failure to take actions that would restore stability to the housing market and enable millions of Americans to re-enter the housing market means little to them.
The Democrats are very aware that Housing reform legislation stands no chance of passing this divided congress. They also are well aware that turning this issue over to a potential Republican administration in 2016 is not an option.They know full well that if a Republican President gets his hands on this in 2016 decades of progress ensuring they the dream of home ownership is equally accessible to ALL Americans will be destroyed. I have confirmed that everything I have written in regards to the “coup” is accurate.The nuclear option to get Mel Watt in the FHFA, Mel Watt unraveling everything Demarco had in place to unwind Fannie and Freddie and more. The Democrats feel that because the Fannie and Freddie brand has become so tainted due to repeated pounding of lies they have withstood the last several years,it would be best politically to wait until after the midterm elections to take any serious actions regarding a reform and release scenario. Though I disagree with this strategy, I can see the logic. I discussed strategies that could bring about the reform and release of Fannie and Freddie, and these have been circulated as well. I will likely share portions of this as I am able to and as the conversation warrants it.
So if you believe as I do that for many reasons GSE reform is dead, then you will understand that we are on pretty solid footing right now. I will offer one scenario that will likely happen though I don’t think it will succeed. When it becomes apparent that the Democrats will have no choice but to release a greatly reformed Fannie and Freddie we may see a last ditch attempt by those in congress who have worked so hard at our demise. They will use the threat of release to coerce their fellow members into voting for one of the failed plans. For many reasons politically, I do not think this last ditch attempt will work. First and foremost many Democrats have come to the realization that everything they would want in housing exist in Fannie and Freddie and reform will mean them taking a huge step backwards. Once you hear the republican update, you will understand further why this will fail. I will be posting the Republican update tomorrow night. The insights I have gathered on their end are quite compelling. They too are making calculated political decisions as well and their refusal to speak out against the attempted nationalization of a private company are showing some serious stress cracks.
Meanwhile, I destroyed John Carneys latest hatchet job in two tweets on Twitter tonight it will be interesting to see if he faces the truth. The article in its entirety was posted in the comments section of our last post by Ron Luhman. In his article, he stated “In August 2012, Fannie’s finance chief said he couldn’t imagine his company would ever make enough money to cover the dividend payments.” I asked him to provide a source for this bold claim. I then asked him how is article reconciles with the truth, https://timhoward717.com/2014/07/31/fhfa-predicted-72000000000-profit-26-days-after-brazen-soviet-style-profit-grab/ . It should be interesting to hear him defend his latest lies in the face of the truth.
In closing I just want to say that when I survey the three key components that I laid out in the beginning, I think it is clear that our survival is quite strong from where I sit tonight. Keep the Faith!