We are in the process of trying to pare down and get tonights post into a cohesive, understandable form. In the light of the recent events and new information, I feel this is a critical post.As of right now it is rather large. I also want to address some general blog concerns now as not to distract from tonight’s post. The comments section of the blog has proven to be more complex than we imagined. We have received many emails concerning people who have been having problems getting comments published. The amount of spam that is sent into WordPress.com blogs is astounding. The spam guards do a great job of filtering most out but in the process they catch some comments that are not spam. We also screen the comments to remove those that are designed for the sole purpose of instilling irrational fear in our readers or contain ideas that are either false or very misleading. I must say that the comments section at times can be a part time job in and of itself and has been being conducted by assistants who are working on behalf of our blog. If you have been having a hard time getting comments approved, please email us, and we can address it. As usual we do not allow comments that contain senseless political bashing. If you are unsure what is appropriate simply read the comments and you will see that we like to have an informed civil discussion, sharing and discussing pertinent ideas. We are still in the process of moving the blog off wordpress.com so that we will have much more freedom to create a far better discussion forum. If anyone has any experience with this please let us know. With that said, I look forward to later tonight when I will be sharing what I feel are some very relevant ideas of our own. Keep the faith!