Folks we need to keep things simple. We are entering a critical phase in the battle. It is important that we keep our message simple and refined. I think we should keep our primary focus on the unprecedented lawless third amendment. The fact that in August 2012 our government (Treasury) made a deal with the government (FHFA) to sweep all of Fannie and Freddies profits to the government (treasury) is the most important point we have to keep hammering. Point out that the governments entire defense of this is the ridiculous claim that they did it out of fear that Fannie and Freddie would hit the 200 billion dollar credit line limit. There are many ways this proves to be a lie but my simplest explanation at that point is that if that was their true motive than why didn’t they cancel this agreement as soon as they realized it wasn’t necessary? Every person I explain theses simple concepts to immediately sees it for what it is. What the government has done is text book securities fraud through and through. We can not allow ourselves to be distracted and diluted. Nobody believes the governments story, not even them. If they had an ounce of faith in their ridiculous excuse, they would have looked forward to their day in court and quickly produced the documents that would prove their innocence. Instead, they have fought every step of the way to squirm out of releasing anything. They have made a literal mockery of our justice system telling one brazen lie after another in one of the highest courts in the land.
The AIG trial can provide critical insights into our own case but to compare them is a fools game. Our case is far stronger. We would love to have the government simply honor the original 2008 agreement as they did for AIG. AIG did not experience anything like the lawless 2012 third amendment.
Monday will be interesting with Mel and company speaking. It was great news that he is taking further steps to restore Fannie and Freddie’s role of making mortgages available to more Americans. This was always one of the true goals. The reforms that have been put in place have eliminated all of the problems that lead to the trouble in 08 with the exception of capital reserves. The only reason this is still an issue is because the government has been sweeping all of our profits out of the companies. This last issue can be easily corrected. If the U.S. government simply honors their word and releases Fannie and Freddie. For years leading up to the sweep they rightfully claimed that the purpose of the conservatorship was to restore Fannie and Freddie to a safe and solvent condition and then they would be released. We all know now that this was yet another lie in a seemingly endless river of lies our government has told us about Fannie and Freddie. It seems though they claimed there was a potential for release they never truly intended to do so. When the housing market pulled a big turn around in 2012, they had to act quick. They hastily crafted the brazen third amendment. Let me be clear, they may have found an accomplice to their felonies in Judge Lamberth but don’t think for a minute that every Judge in the U.S. is that corrupted. I truly believe that when we least expect it a courageous judge will honor the truth and put an end to this brazen fraud.
I want to make something very clear, I whole-heartedly agree with many of the things you all share here. I know many of you question why I do not write about many of the issues you hold dear related to our cause. It is because we are entering a critical phase in the battle, and I must stay focused on the most simple and compelling portions of our case. There will be plenty of time to address all of the issues but right now our primary focus is on ending the third amendment and gaining our freedom. Thank you all for the words of caution and support, they mean a lot. Keep the Faith!

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Excellent work! This is quite possibly our most productive post thus far. The comments here provide tremendous strides towards educating people to the truth. There are so many great comments I am speechless. It seems our months of diligent research and dedication are paying off.As much as I enjoy covering a broad range of topics I am going to forgo posting on other topics as much to keep us focused on this. We need to keep building on this I think we need to take all of the valuable ideas found in this post and get them into a summary that we can distribute to both the media and our allies in congress.
Our relentless attempts to show the world the truth about Fannie and Freddie has succeeded in opening a small crack in the dam of lies. I stand in awe at the amount of incredibly talented minds that have joined me here to freely dedicate their time and resources to help change the narrative. It is critical that we remain focused on compiling a simple easy to understand narrative from the beginning until now. Everything that anyone needs to know can be found in all of our posts here and the many great comments that follow. To think that many people will take the time to wade through this sheer volume of data is unrealistic. We must compile all of this valuable data into a concise easy to understand summary. I will be creating a link above entitled “Summary of the truth” This will be an ever evolving post where we will offer a truthful, complete narrative.