Huge day today folks. Just when I was hoping for a little reprieve to work more on the “Summary of Truth” and we get a day of non-stop developments. Anyone who followed the news emanating from the MBA conference in Vegas saw a resounding confirmation of what both I and Rep. John Larson have been saying for months, “Fannie and Freddie aren’t going anywhere.” Freddie Mac CEO Donald Layton came out swinging with these telling statements: “We no longer look to act as a government entity, or as part of a duopoly. Our goal is to compete for your business.” and our headline: GSE reform is not, and I cannot stress this enough, is not limited to legislative action.
I know there were rumors that mel watt was going to announce funding for the housing trust fund but obviously the Democrats thought it would be prudent to wait till after the elections to make any bold moves. Mel Watts speech today spoke volumes not by what he said but what he didn’t say. Notably absent was any mention of congressional GSE reform or winding down Fannie and Freddie.Not even a whisper, I have attached a link below with his remarks to see for yourself.
We witnessed two stinging rebukes to Lamberth’s unbelievably flawed decision in the “Perry Injunction”. One from William Isaac,
The other came in the Continental case. 10:20:14 Continental destroys Lamberth. . I hope to get more time to elaborate on the Continental rebuke later, they clearly show that Lamberths decision was nothing more than a blatant attempt to grossly manipulate the law to provide legal cover in our governments attempt to nationalize two private companies.
A lot of bold claims have been made by both sides in this epic battle. We have been the subject of repeated attacks by both our elected leaders and a media intent on backing their vicious assault on our liberty. But let me assure you one thing, when the last man is standing we will be vindicated. The tide has turned, and much of our opposition is so blinded by their lies they have not even begun to see it. Our simple message of truth will be looked upon by generations to come as a model for standing up to government tyranny.
We will be working on the “Summary of Truth” over the next several days. I put up a short intro tonight. This will play a critical role as the final stages of our long war play out. Keep the Faith!,-Director,-Federal-Housing-Finance-Agency-at-the-MBA-Annual-Convention.aspx