Tim and everyone, I am more confident now than at any other time in our fight that Fannie and Freddie will not go anywhere, and we will prevail. The democrats will not turn this over to a possible GOP president in 2016. If you had the view I have you would understand my confidence. The importance of the legal issues is becoming far less important due to the political changes. Keep in mind that not only do we face our opponents that want to destroy Fannie and Freddie at any cost, but also be aware of wolves in sheep’s clothing. By this, I mean that many of the comments made here, and a variety of other message boards come from people who are both shorting and swing trading. They post comments that appear well intentioned, but are designed to plant seeds of doubt and instill fear in people. You would not believe the amounts of these comments that we discard before they even make it online. Others we delete if we feel they are made with these motives. There are several different ideas as to how this will play out, and I encourage people to read several of our past posts to get up to speed as to how we feel things are transpiring.
We have been working on the “Summary of truth” and welcome everyone’s involvement. I hope to have a conference call in the next week or so to go over this, as well as share, more candidly about our overall situation. We are trying to work out the details for the call in a away that ensures our ability to stay anonymous. If anyone has any ideas about that or has ideas concerning the “Summary of Truth” please email us at timhoward717@yahoo.com Keep the Faith!


The surge leading into last weeks MBA conference and especially late afternoon Monday was the more “inside crowd” catching on to what I have been saying since May.