I want to clarify a few things here. Our goal is to save Fannie and Freddie by sharing the truth about them and exposing the many lies our opposition has told. This simple concept has worked extraordinarily well this far. We have reached a point where a narrow path has opened in a virtual mine field. We must follow it. Anyone who chooses to cling blindly to their ideological beliefs at the expense of our goal risks jeopardizing our escape. Forget everything I said about the coup for now. We will only discuss it when a key event occurs and even then we should keep it toned down. We now face a situation where lazy journalists who up until now have been more than happy parroting the governments lies will be quick to rush in on the new “scoop”. They risk imperiling our victory before it barely gets off the ground. We also face the threat of our opposition using our vital information in an attempt to flank us before we achieve victory
I want to thank Rocco for once again keying right in on the truth in a comment earlier “The most valuable asset of the GSE reclaiming their place in the economy, is not the shareholder, but the affiliated markets that rely on the ability of the middle class getting a mortgage. From home builders to furniture, landscapers, independent contractors Lowes- home depot to Dunkin donuts; we are all intertwined. None would exist in a rental society… ” Home run Rocco congrats.
We need to set our egos aside and face reality. The reality right now is that The “investors” have been so demonized by the media and many of our opponents it will not help if it is made to appear that reform/release is being directed by the “investors”. It could actually complicate what is already in the works. The most valuable thing we can all do right now is help change the false narrative. I know there are several readers who have been following closely and have volunteered to help in any way they can. I am humbled by this outpouring of support. Tonight I posted the first key point in the “Summary of Truth ” link that we will elaborate on further over the next few days. I encourage and welcome all of you to contribute to this vital endeavor. It is critical that we provide our allies simple and concise data that can be used to further our freedom.
I want to ensure everyone that just because I propose that we support our political allies I will continue to shine the light of truth on those that oppose us both legally and politically. I actually have posts ready to go aimed at Senator Crapo, Ed Demarco and convicted felon Mike Milken. Don’t think for a minute that we will let up till Fannie and Freddie are given a fair trial.I also have a post that will be directed at the media and addresses the fact that rather been being the guardians of freedom they are now one of the biggest threats our democracy faces.
In closing, I just want to reiterate that those that thought Fannie and Freddie were soon to be carved up will soon realize “elections have consequences”. Keep the Faith!