In a series of tweets beginning yesterday afternoon and late last night, Josh Rosner, Managing Director at Graham Fisher & Co candidly opened the door on some pretty explosive revelations.He began with this tweet:

“WOW Senior Admin official speech: “We are engaged, formally and informally, on all aspects of gses with fhfa, that is my job” #FNM #FRE #GSE”

This was followed by an exchange I had with Josh late last night that in which he revealed: “Joshua rosner ‏@JoshRosner 12h12 hours ago @timhoward717 sources say: UST told GSEs to fund rent to own institutional buyers through multi family bus & not to worry about FHFA views”

timhoward717 ‏@timhoward717 12h12 hours ago @JoshRosner so the UST is now bypassing the FHFA and directing the GSEs directly. This gets better by the day.

joshua rosner ‏@JoshRosner 12h12 hours ago @timhoward717 apparently FHFA, when they got wind of this, gave the GSEs a list of concerns about this lending. Didn’t say “don’t”.

This news poses broad ramifications. It blows a hole wide open in many of the governments absurd defense claims. It also opens doors that until now have been tightly closed. We will certainly have more to share on this.I want to thank everyone who was involved in bringing these critical disclosures to light. The truth must be known. Keep the Faith