Thrilled to see the narrative continuing to shift dramatically. I will be much more candid after the elections on Tuesday, but this clearly follows the facts I have shared thus far.
Urban Institute & CoreLogic Co-Present: Data, Demand, and Demographics: A Symposium on Housing Finance November 5, 2014

1:30 p.m. Panel three: government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs) reform: what can be done without legislation?
Extensive political capital was exhausted in the 113th Congress to reach a Senate compromise on
Housing finance reform. But in the near term, legislation looks improbable. What is likely to happen to
the GSEs over the near term without comprehensive reform? How is the Federal Housing Finance
Agency guiding the GSEs? How will these decisions frame options for future reform? What role do the
preferred shareholder sweep amendment and ongoing litigation have in framing the near future?

Moderator: Faith Schwartz, senior vice president, government solutions, CoreLogic
 Andrew Davidson, president, Andrew Davidson & Co.
 Julia Gordon, director of housing finance and policy, Center for American Progress
 Jim Millstein, chairman and chief executive officer, Millstein & Co.
 Jim Parrott, senior fellow, Housing Finance Policy Center, Urban Institute

We will be adding a critical truth to the “Summary of Truth” page concerning the lawsuits. I found a great picture that explains the true reason for the Third Amendment Sweep:
True reason for 3rd Amendment.
It is critical that we continue to compile these simple truths. This will be critical as we transition into the next phase of the campaign.

I also want to discuss further the revelations that Josh Rosner revealed to us last Thursday night. I will be adding more analysis showing just how critical these were. Also keep in mind what else this “source” may know. We will add to this post soon:

The bailouts of Fannie and Freddie arrived in the form of a noose around their necks. In 2012 as they were on the verge of freeing themselves from their intended deaths Ed Demarco put a bullet in their heads with the 3rd amendment. The TRUTH will be known; we will be ramping up our campaign. After the election, we will be launching an offensive modeled after the Allied D-Day invasion of Normandy. I caution everyone who has played a role in this unprecedented untruthful attack on Fannie and Freddie our quest to reveal the truth has uncovered some very interesting facts. Many of these will shed quite a bit of light on your motives and credibility. Our light of truth will be shining your way soon.
We will never surrender; we will prevail. The simple truth will overcome their lies. Keep the Faith