Now that the elections are over I can share more candidly about what’s happening.My agreement to tone things down has now expired, and the D-Day style offensive has begun. I had privately forewarned; the Republicans would sweep the elections unless a bold strategy were enacted.I had pushed for the Reform/Release to take place prior to the election as I am confident that it is an issue we will dominate. All our opponents have is their river of lies. Our simple message of Truth will expose them for what they truly are.I have to say I was tempted to post a big “I told you so” tonight but that would be unproductive. Although they declined to act on my early Reform/Release idea, they have followed my guidance on the execution of the coup almost to the letter. For that, I am thrilled.
I do not intend to entertain the fantasy that Republicans will be able to exercise any form of normal governance. Those who partake in this remind me of children of alcoholic parents, innocently convincing themselves that their mom or dad will not come home drunk again. We will not join the steady stream of journalists who continually engage in this type of fantasy journalism. As I have already warned, Republicans may feign interest in advancing reform with the true goal of running out the clock.
I must say it was amusing seeing the streams of stories proclaiming the benefits that the new Republican majority would bestow on the shareholders of Fannie and Freddie. Take a look at my last post in case you forgot the extreme hatred that Republicans have towards Fannie and Freddie. It is nothing new they have long sought the elimination of Fannie and Freddie, and their morality knows no bounds as to the lengths they will go.Their motives are far darker than their small government views. The mandates that come with Fannie and Freddie have enabled minorities to move from the inner cities to the once lily-white suburbs, and they hate that.I will be sharing much more on this in the days to come.
As much of the media was busy dreaming up new delusions to mindlessly fill their pages, the biggest news of the day was playing out right under their noses. The Urban Institutes Symposium on Housing Finance was underway.I will be posting more on this tomorrow, but we saw many of the tired old lies debunked there today. It was made clear that the 6-year conservatorships of Fannie and Freddie must end. The commonsense idea of a responsible Reform/Release is now becoming commonplace as the narrative changes. This was another critical step in the carefully laid out process.
I highly suggest folks do a few simple searches of our past posts to get up to speed. I can not possibly cover all of the critical data on a daily basis, so its up to you to do a little homework. The time you spend reading the nonsense 90% of the media writes about us would be better spent right here catching up on the truth.
As I stated earlier the Wall Street Journal has been investigating us yet unlike our investigation of them, nothing was compromised on our end. Keep the Faith!