Unlike our opposition, we are not out of aces. The wind is at our backs; victory is ours to lose. We must not back off as our opposition will not easily surrender. We must unify and prepare for what will likely be the most ferocious fighting of the war. This does not mean we can rest on our laurels, on the contrary; we must fight even harder to maintain momentum. Our opposition is extremely well funded, and ultra disciplined. They control most of the financial media in our country. They have realized that their decades-long dream of eliminating Fannie and Freddie is quickly slipping away. What we will see over the next few months will be a shocking last ditch attempt to flood the country with their lies and deceptions. It will likely be the last desperate acts of their ruthless campaign before they are forced to swallow the bitter pill of defeat. We intend to play our aces when they will not only provide maximum benefit to us but more importantly exact the maximum damage to our opponents.
I want to clarify a few things and provide an overall strategy. We have seen several clear signs that the reform/release scenario is proceeding as planned. I want to clarify that this is not going to happen overnight.I understand the excitement that this revelation has caused, but it is unproductive and unwise to continually speculate on the exact timing for this to occur. There will be clear signals when the time is close, and we are not there yet.I can say that it will be done within a timeframe that will prevent a possible Republican President/Senate in 2016 will not be able to undue the release. I will continue to update everyone as this unfolds. I want to reiterate that although both parties bear equal blame as to the predicament we find ourselves in only one will play any role in our release and ultimate freedom, that is the Democrats. Republicans/Conservatives are sworn enemies of Fannie and Freddie and will go to any length to see our demise. Let me be clear, I am not the only person who has knowledge of the Reform/release plan. It had begun to be whispered amongst the highest levels of power since just before my DC trip. I still believe that this played a huge role in activist/conservative Judge Lamberth’s flawed decision. I want to note that the Republicans have made no mention of housing finance reform since they attained their huge victory. They know the futile nature of such folly. There are those Republicans who would love to see this issue just disappear as they see only two options: vote for the mew improved Fannie and Freddie or vote to retain the old Fannie Freddie. They would never publicly admit it, but they would just assume see the Democrats enact Reform/Release. But there are many others who will fight this to the end.
I was asked for direction and that I will give.I can not stress enough that there is much we need to do in order to help facilitate the release. It is imperative that everyone involved in our struggle must unite and prepare to launch a massive effort to change the false narrative that has been created surrounding Fannie and Freddie. The conservative media/academia in our country have basically had free rein to unleash a river of lies that has gone largely unchecked. The stranglehold they wield over the financial media is strong, their so called “experts” dominate the debate to such a degree that the rest of the media resorts to unknowingly parroting their lies. This must change, and it must change quickly. As I stated last week, we can no longer just politely answer their lies with the truth. We must show the world what their true motives are. We have to make it widely known that their hatred for Fannie and Freddie is the motive behind their outrageous lies. We must destroy their reputations for engaging in such ruthless propaganda. Once they realize that they no longer have free rein to spread their lies we will see many of them shrink back into the shadows.
We are in the process of reaching out to key supporters and trying to organize a coalition of support that will play a key role in spreading the truth and Fannie and Freddie. There will be a role for every one of you in this gigantic undertaking. We must complete the “Summary of Truth” as this will be a template for much of our campaign.
Starting today we are no longer Democrats or Republicans we are American patriots whose goal is to ensure that the truth about Fannie and Freddie is known. We will not allow our nation to become a Soviet styled regime where those in power are immune to the rule of law. When this war is over, and we are victorious you can all go home to your respective parties. Keep the Faith!