**SEALED**RESPONSE to [103] Motion to Stay , filed by All Plaintiffs. (Attachments: # (1) Exhibit A, # (2) Exhibit B, # (3) Exhibit C, # (4) Exhibit D, # (5) Exhibit E, # (6) Exhibit F, # (7) Exhibit G)(Cooper, Charles)

The government, based on the flawed decision in the “Perry Injunction”.filed a “motion to stay proceedings” in the Fairholme lawsuit.
Just as we have seen over and again the governments motion to suspend was yet another attempt to cover up the truth.With the discovery still in it’s early stages Fairholme has clearly gotten their hands on enough material to deem last nights response sealed. We have been saying for months that we can only imagine what was sure to come out once discovery began in the Fairholme lawsuit. We are now finally seeing the results of breaching the governments web of lies. You actually don’t need much of an imagination to guess what’s in the response. Simply look what has been shared here over the last year, time and time again we have shared extremely incriminating evidence that clearly proves the true motives for the lawless seizure of Fannie and Freddie. The evidence contained in last nights response has a range of possibilities but it’s safe to say none of those possibilities are good for the government.

We continue to watch as our opposition grows more desperate by the day. I am not sure at what point Bloomberg and the WSJ determined that Soviet Style propaganda journalism was a good thing for our democracy, but I caution our readers to treat anything they “report” as lies.Michael Bloomberg has shown that like Rupert Murdoch he has no interest in reporting the truth. They are far too happy using their media empires to try and further their twisted ideological goals. Bloomberg had cleaned up their act a bit after our past blistering criticism, but the last few weeks we witnessed a shift and this past weekends outright lies confirmed that they can simply not be trusted.
For our newer readers, I am going to share a post from July entitled “In their own words”. https://timhoward717.com/2014/07/01/in-their-own-words/ . We are currently working on a follow-up to that based on some recent new discoveries that will shed more light on our governments lies.

I want to thank everyone who have played a key role in helping to compile our ground-breaking “Summary of Truth”. We are in the process of putting a legal framework in place that will enable us to greatly spread our simple message of truth.
Keep the Faith!