I want to thank everyone for your input and guidance that we received today. I can not express how much your input helps us navigate a very tricky path,

I want to address both issues that were up for vote last night as they tie things together. We were preparing a post over the weekend that would walk everyone through several details and shown a bright light on what we witnessed last week. We have also put together some very keen insights into the overall political and legal situation we find ourselves in.But once again I received word through various channels to back off a little. There are fears again that some of what we are sharing is reaching the wrong audience.These warnings were confirmed when out of nowhere former head of the OFHEO Steve Blumenthal posted his bizarre/threatening comments to our post: https://timhoward717.com/2014/11/05/the-real-stephen-blumenthal-and-wsj-challenge/

I want to clarify for everyone that the reason we chose to share Steves email was to show everyone that there has been a long-standing ideological plot by the enemies of Fannie and Freddie to end them at any cost. This hatred preceded the financial crisis of 2008. The fact that Steve irrationally lashed out in the way he did confirmed that we indeed are being noticed by some of our fiercest enemies. As I have shared before I continue to find myself in the awkward position of balancing sharing the truth and respecting the wishes of our allies. More importantly those who have been providing us with some very valuable information concerning all key components in our situation.

The events we witnessed last week gave public confirmation of everything I have shared with you thus far.

Even after the events we witnessed I found it amusing that there were those that still chose to cling to their false beliefs about how things are unfolding. I want to remind everyone to be cautious when reading the endless stream of commentary and theories regarding our situation. Outside of our blog I read very little that makes much sense, on the contrary, much of what I see serves only to complicate and mislead. To those who are intentionally misleading America, we will continue to shine our light of truth on your lies.

We are looking into other avenues in which we can share some of our more sensitive material on a confidential basis.

We will share more analysis on the exchange we had with Steve Blumenthal but not tonight. As many of you commented he really is a side show, but it is critical that America be aware the extent that some of our opponents have gone in trying to bring about the destruction of Fannie and Freddie.
Thank you, all, the efforts that many of you have devoted into sharing our simple message of truth is incredible. Rest assured our message has been heard, and it is playing a big role in shaping the debate. Keep the Faith!

We will be adding a link to our all important “Summary of Truth” at the end of every post from now on. : https://timhoward717.com/summary-of-the-truth/