I know we have been largely consumed with the political end of things as of late, but we now want to shift back to the lawsuits. Yesterday in the “Fairholme lawsuit” we saw Judge Sweeney issue an order granting the Amicus brief filed by Louise Rafter who we refer to as “Ackman Commons lawsuit”.

Essentially because the “Ackman Commons” have a lawsuit in Judge Sweeney’s court of claims that is awaiting the discovery to conclude to proceed they have a vested interest in seeing the discovery continue. They asked to be able to file their reasons why the feel the governments motion to stay proceedings in the “Fairholme lawsuit” be denied. In the attached Motion for leave in exhibit A, you will find their proposed amicus brief which has been accepted by Judge Sweeney in her attached order. Ackman Commons make some excellent arguments, and we are confident that Judge Sweeney will deny the governments perverse motion to stay.We also believe Louise Rafter and Judge Margaret Sweeney just may be a match made in heaven.

Remember that the governments motion to stay the proceedings in the Fairholme lawsuit is just one more attempt to avoid having to defend their utter lawlessness in the handling of Fannie and Freddie. Though they claim to have done nothing wrong their actions in court speak otherwise. They have used every procedural trick in the book to stall, delay and withhold critical evidence. It is painful to watch the “leader of the free world” behave more like a cornered mafia boss. They have enjoyed a relative free pass up until now, because we are only in pretrial stages there has not been very much attention paid to the lawsuits.

We have reason to believe that the potential for highly damaging information to come out of discovery in the Fairholme lawsuit now stands at 100 percent.Also, there is no question that grave concerns have developed within the halls of American power concerning the damaging effects that are sure to arise once several key disclosures come to light.These concerns are heavily factored into many of the political calculations that we see developing on both sides of the aisle. If the world markets were to lose faith in the integrity and soundness of the U.S. financial markets, the results would be devastating.

I do want to commend those in power who have realized the error of their ways. America is far better than this and I am confident that we can prevail. To those who have just begun to see the light I remind you it is not too late to correct this grave situation, and we are willing to assist in any way we can. Godspeed.

I also want to clarify that although much of what we read concerning Fannie and Freddie is very misleading and untrue there are a few bloggers who do have a great grasp on our subject. Though we may not agree with everything, they say nor they with us they have an excellent grasp on our overall situation. They can be found here http://thetruthaboutfannieandfreddie.wordpress.com/2014/11/24/former-treasury-chief-restructuring-officer-jim-millstein/ and here http://fanniemaeshareholder.blogspot.com .

Also, when useful/truthful articles are published in the media they generally find their way here quickly either in a post or the comments sections. I also want to extend our hand to all of those in the media who genuinely would like to share the truth but find the whole Fannie/Freddie situation too complicated. We are more than happy to meet with you and help to clarify what can be a very complicated, unprecedented situation.We are also willing to help edit your stories to help ensure that they are factually correct. We hope to assemble representatives in the near future whom will also be able to assist in this process as well.
We want to take a moment to thank our many new friends for the incredible support you have provided; our refusal to surrender is paying mighty rewards. Our opponents now realize that surrender is not in our vocabulary, under the heaviest of fire we have not wavered. Keep the Faith and please pray for Ferguson Missouri we stand united with all those who seek truth and justice.


11:24 Order granting Amicus brief 2

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