We are pleased to announce that we have been authorized to share in much greater detail about the remarkable events that are unfolding before our eyes. We will now share in it’s entirety the plan that we assembled at the request of some of our key allies in DC. This was shared at the beginning of October on our trip to DC. We were assured that the decision had been made to save Fannie and Freddie. We have been unleashed; tonight will be just the beginning, the whole truth will finally be revealed; I apologize for the delay. The hardest part in this whole process was not being able to share everything.

We wish that we lived in a country that did not require this blog. It is unthinkable to us that these games would be played as millions of Americans continue to suffer from the financial crisis that private capital created yet have so many conned into believing otherwise.

Tonight’s posts are dedicated to those few patriots that believe that the lies must stop and that in order to win the truth must be shared in its entirety.We will be adding to this post in greater detail soon.

Because both our elected leaders and media have chosen not to, we now sit comfortably in the driver’s seat. Buckle-up and enjoy the ride.
Keep the Faith

A most fitting song for tonight:

Presentation to Allies

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We highly suggest that all of you that have written untruthfully on the subject of Fannie and Freddie over the years get with reality, time is short to salvage your reputations. We are in the process of putting together a book that will become the defining resource that finally tells the entire truth about the GSEs. Although we have not signed an official agreement David Fiderer will likely be joining us on this project.
We encourage anyone who has authored anything on the GSEs before all of the data was out to contact us if you would like a chance to clarify your previous views.

We will be sharing how Obama came to realize that some of his closest confidantes like Timothy Geithner and Gene Sperling deceived him into believing Fannie and Freddie needed to go. Their motives will be examined in great detail. We have reason to believe Mr. Sperlings fingerprints are all over the lawless third amendment sweep. Sperling earned $887,727 from Goldman Sachs in 2008 for his advice on charitable giving. He then so charitably sought to reward them by handing them Fannie and Freddies lucrative secondary mortgage business.

We applaud Director Watt’s courageous and bold moves to preserve Fannie and Freddie.
As we predicted, our opposition would now stage an unprecedented propaganda campaign based entirely on lies. It is up to us to ensure that their lies are exposed.The conservative financial media will continue to cosign their lies blindly so we must launch a massive grassroots effort to reveal their lies to the world.

Our decision was not taken lightly.I apologize to those who disagree and may feel betrayed by our decision. It has become clear that at least in the upper levels of power our opponents are not only aware of the coup but are mobilizing to combat it. They do understand that they can not stop it, but they are posturing to gain maximum political advantage by it.You may be surprised by some of their actions going forward. It may be prudent to wrap this up before they can gain any traction regarding the 3rd amendment.