I want to commend our amazing readers for launching a massive campaign against Ideological terrorist Representative Ed Royce. We have unleashed a torrent of incredible comments on the house web page where he posted his incredibly nonfactual response to Director Watts decision to fund the Housing trust fund. Please visit the page and read Eds response and then read the comments below. I want to personally thank every courageous Patriot, who posted their comments there. This my friend is how the war will be won. Our opponents must know that if they disagree with us that is fine but if they insist on lying to the American people they will be exposed. I can not stress how important this is.

Ed said “Contrary to what Fannie and Freddie’s apologists claim, the GSEs have yet to repay any of the taxpayer-funded bailout funds they received…..”

Please visit this page and tell Ed how you feel! http://royce.house.gov/news/documentsingle.aspx?DocumentID=397595#Comments

We will be adding some of our favorite comments here tomorrow.

Our current situation is a result of the fact that many big-money players had almost entirely based their strategy on the legal side of things. When Judge Lamberth issued his bizarrely flawed verdict this left many of them stunned and confused. We find it almost unfathomable that anyone would have vacated their position based on this one decision, and it makes us wonder why they even took a position to begin with. Anyone with a correct understanding of the legal issues surrounding our plight would know that ultimately we can not possibly lose. America would be forever changed, and the legal loss would be the least of anyone’s concerns. It would rock the very foundation of Americas core principals, the very principals that have made America the most favored destination of foreign investment capital.The fact that the rule of law governs capital in our nation would no longer be true, we would join the likes of Russia and Venezuela, this will never happen. The political side of our situation has gone largely ignored by many big players and to this day they remain largely in the dark. When we began reporting on the coup taking place within the Democratic Party in May, this was a revolutionary concept. Here it is seven months later, and the evidence is undeniable yet so many still refuse to believe it. It is surrealistic to watch so many remain blind to reality. They ignore the mountain of proof and instead cling to statements made by the Treasury. Remember this is the same treasury that brought us the lawless third amendment. The same treasury that has done nothing but lie throughout our whole ordeal. Once again, the so-called experts cling on to their every word like it’s gospel. Anyone who expected Obama and the Treasury to officially announce a complete change of course at this point in the process are incredibly naive to the political realities surrounding this issue.To be fair, most people were so hyper-focused on the legal cases the reality that the court cases were becoming more and more less relevant slipped by them.

Due to this utter lack of accurate knowledge across the spectrum concerning the status of Fannie and Freddie we will be offering a private consulting service.This is geared to folks who need much more detailed one on one analysis. Please contact us at our completely secure and private email timhoward717@protonmail.ch to arrange a private consultation. We will tailor this service to meet a wide variety of needs. We understand that many people do not have the time to research this unprecedented and very complicated issue and will help you navigate the twists and turns. Those who are already providing research and advice are encouraged to contact us as well. We have added a page on our home page entitled “Private Consulting Service.”
For our most trusted readers who we hoped to have a conference call with we encourage you to contact as well to arrange a private discussion as well.

In closing, I just want to assure everyone that we see nothing that disputes everything we have shared up until this point.On the contrary, The reaction we have gotten from many on both sides of our cause confirms everything we have said. Keep the Faith!

EDIT 1 : 12/17/14 Live video of Continental Western hearing In Iowa today:

(Scroll down to Continental Western)