Holiday message:

This has been one of the hardest posts that we have had to write. We find it almost impossible to convey in words the gratitude that we feel towards all of you who have joined in our battle. This message is to folks of all faiths whether you are concluding Hannukah or on the eve of celebrating the birth of Christ or any of the other great faiths our nation shares.We had some pretty hard hitting posts ready to go these last few days rather than post them we decided that it was more appropriate to observe a holiday truce.
All we have tried to do is simply ensure that the truth is not lost in this great debate.Like many who have come before us we too have encountered some very stiff resistance.This has only furthered our resolve to fight on.

Today we ask both our allies and our opponents to take some time and reflect on just what America was intended to be.As I have shared many times before this struggle is far bigger than Fannie and Freddie. We truly believe that America is far better than what we have seen transpire in this epic battle.

To our opponents we pray that the truth finds it’s way into your heart. We understand that not everyone will agree with us ideologically but remember that lies and deception are rooted in evil.The ends do not justify the means. Though you may have drifted off course, it is never too late to reset the sails.

To our allies we remind you that we have witnessed a “Christmas miracle” of sorts as our allies from every walk of life have heeded our calls and have seen the light. The momentum we have seen the last few months is incredible, the growing chorus calling for our release is exactly what we anticipated and are thrilled to see it come about. We have been blessed to have met some very incredible people.The commitment by so many that in spite of some withering attacks to not give up is inspiring. I assure you all that we have not seen anything that leads us to believe our strong position has shifted in any way.

We truly wish everyone a very happy holiday.

Be safe, God bless and always Keep The Faith

Original post from 12/23

We have new documents posted on the Ackman/Commons lawsuit Injunction page.
You can find the relevant documents here:
This is what Carney was referring to in his latest “the sky is falling” article. As you can see by reading the Ackman/Commons response, the government’s attempt is laughable at best. Either way it really isn’t a big deal.

We are preparing a very special holiday message and sticking to our holiday truce.Overall nothing has changed worth noting with the exception of our strategy. We are putting together plans to expand our reach greatly after New Years.

We will also be having our first conference call on New Years day to kick off the new year.We will accommodate as many questions as possible, please email questions you would like addressed to

Please be sure to sign the White House petition if you have not:

Also please give Director Watt some encouraging words on his decision to fund the Housing trust fund:
Keep the Faith