Though we are unable to distinguish very much from President Obamas incoherent and disjointed comment in Phoenix on Thursday a few things are clear. It appears that he is unwilling to end this long saga and release Fannie and Freddie at this stage.
Therefore, we are not willing to relinquish any leadership or control to President Obama on this issue.Though we are appreciative of the steps, he has taken to preserve them he has yet to demonstrate that he is willing to be entirely truthful with the American people. There are several reasons for his current position, some are logical and make sense, others do not. When he shows that he is prepared to be truthful, we will relinquish some of the leadership as deemed appropriate.
Obama is constrained in ways that we are not.Once Obama or anyone in his administration even hints that Fannie and Freddie will be released, it will unleash a gigantic wave of repercussions. It will ignite an all-out war with the Republicans who have sought their demise for decades.The steps, he took alone on immigration and other issues, has already infuriated many Republicans.

We understand that this has to play out in a highly political fashion but until President Obama signals a willingness to lead effectively on this issue we will retain the position that we have inherited.It was never our intention to seek this role; our intention was to ensure that the truth was not lost in this great debate. Throughout the course of our involvement, many folks have reached out to offer their support and push us to expand our role. Many folks offered to donate money that we refused to accept.We did not want to accept donations unless we had a clear plan on how that money could be spent to further our cause. Most of us, who have been involved, have been blessed to not need any financial compensation for the countless hours of work we have dedicated to this cause.We have refused to even advertise on the blog to avoid any implication that we are motivated by anything but the truth.However, we now feel that the time is right to take steps to expand our reach greatly. It has become clear that there are several critical steps that need to be taken, and although our allies have done much, there is much more that needs to be done. In order to effectively undertake what we would like to achieve, we will now be accepting donations. There will be a page set up explaining this.We have numerous folks who are ready to spread the truth, but it is critical that we organize these efforts. We have folks available who are willing to manage this effort, but all of this will require capital.We have several initiatives in mind that I would like to share. I also welcome any input that you all may have. The comments section of the last post contains several excellent ideas which will be considered for implementation. We will be creating a page specifically this new initiative and will have it up this week. As we enter this critical phase it, is now more important than ever that we have a team in place to combat our opponents. We must provide our allies a clear path to victory. We must ensure that the critical steps, they must take, are not penalized by the lies of our enemies.

Some of our plans include:
Unify our allies- We must bring all those who are battling for the release of Fannie and Freddie together in order to unify our strategies.Many of the actions taken, thus far, though well intentioned have not been nearly as effective as they could be.By unifying our allies, we will have a much more profound effect.

Organize massive information campaign- Put together a simple, concise package that explains the truth about Fannie and Freddie.Compile short/simple bullet points that can be used to neutralize our opponents attacks. Train volunteers in cities across America to work directly with their local media and politicians to ensure the truth is known and told. Continue to hold Media and politicians accountable to their lies, if they refuse to be truthful we will attack their biggest asset, their credibility.

Strategic advertising to ensure America knows the truth.

Assign an expert to work with our allies in DC to help them convey them effectively convey the truth.

When we first reported the “coup” in May it was a revolutionary concept. Since then we have witnessed the very public acknowledgement of its reality by every major Democratic constituency.To try and deny it at this point is to deny reality. If Obama truly wanted to “wind down” Fannie and Freddie he would have left Ed “Mr. Wind Down” in power. He would never have exercised the highly controversial “nuclear option” to get Director Watt in place.By exercising the “nuclear option”, he knew the risks that presented. For decades to come Republicans can now with a simple majority vote put in place the most right-wing ideologue to any post they wish. Obama and the Democrats can fundamentally transform this issue without one Republican vote. Don’t think for a minute they will pass. Obama started his administration by transforming healthcare in America, 17% of our economy.To think that he will allow the Republicans to inherit this issue in 2016 to shape according to their failed ideology you are completely lost. He will resolve this and preserve the principles that Democrats hold dear. He will then have effectively put his stamp on over 1/3 of our economy. Not bad considering Republicans sole aim has been to try and prevent him from enacting anything.Once Fannie and Freddie are released from conservatorship it, will take an act of Congress to change it. By deferring the issue to Congress, he is setting up for the day when he claims, “because Congress has failed to act”. With that said, we want to assure everyone that if at any point we learn that President Obama is shifting his plans we will adjust our strategy accordingly. For now we will take our sources at their word that the Third Amendment sweeps main purpose was to buy Congress more time to enact reforms.That like the conservatorship of Fannie and Freddie was not meant to last forever nor was the Third Amendment sweep.

As one of the conditions of our leadership, we ask that everyone, please try not to over react to every statement the administration makes concerning Fannie and Freddie. Rest assured we will translate what is truly going on.

I want to thank all of our readers who sent their messages and prayers concerning my surgery. I am recovering well and looking forward to rejoining the battle in full force very soon. Keep the Faith!

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