Our friend/cry baby Peter Wallison took a break from trying to convince the world that this blog launched a vast left-wing conspiracy to “suppress his book” to join forces with Rep. Jeb Hensarling. At an event sponsored by the American Enterprise Institute on Wednesday, Rep. Jeb Hensarling spoke glowingly of AEI scholar Peter Wallison’s new book, “Hidden in Plain Sight: What Really Caused the World’s Worst Financial Crisis and Why it Could Happen Again.”
This was no surprise as Jeb and his pal Rep. Ed Royce have proved time and time again that they have lost the capacity to think on their own and are reduced to parroting the lies of Peter Wallison. By doing so, they have removed themselves from any rational conversation involving housing finance legislation. They have become laughingstocks among anyone with any true knowledge of the GSE issues period.In every discussion I have with anyone knowledgeable about our cause when the subject of Wallison/Jeb come up, it is usually followed by a punchline of some sort.
The sad part is that conservatives do have rational/arguable reasons for being against the GSE model and they are missing an important opportunity to share their conservative beliefs with America.Because they are so overly obsessed with Petes Fairy tales, we have shared the true conservative reasons for being against Fannie and Freddie here on our blog several times.

Since we helped expose Peters fairy tale on Amazon sales must be so terrible that Jeb and the rest of the fairy tale brigade have resorted to buying large quantities of Petes book to give away.
I want to applaud everyone who took part is what has become a wildly successful effort to neutralize the effects that Peters book of lies may have had. You see by getting such a vast amount of one-star honest reviews so rapidly we forced Peter to launch a huge campaign to solicit 5-star reviews.This leaves anyone seeking honest/objective information on the financial crisis to flee Petes obvious one-sided book. The beauty of the whole campaign is that Peters followers did him far more harm than good by focusing on his “left wing conspiracy” delusion rather than sticking to the merits of his book.We couldn’t be more thrilled.

As we saw in the House Financial Services hearing on HUD today Jeb and his allies have a method to their madness. They plan to use Peters “research” in their relentless attempts to kill the affordable housing mandates and create the narrative for the 2016 Jeb Bush Hillary Clinton match up. By blaming President Clintons Housing goals as the primary cause of the financial crisis, they are setting Hillary up for slaughter.
The longer Obama keeps his troops largely muzzled and unable to effectively respond to the lies the more he hurts Hillary’s chances in 2016.It really is that simple, I know better than most the “political timeline” issues, but one must not wait to long.

For that matter how much longer can both sides go ignoring the most key elements of this discussion? Both sides are appearing more and more schizophrenic by refusing to acknowledge a few simple realities. Although they both have their motives, they are producing the same results.They can’t continue to ignore the fact that our government is lawlessly seizing two private companies profits leaving them grossly undercapitalized much longer. The obvious common sense solutions are beginning to enter the conversation whether they like it or not. Rest assured we will continue to interpret the error of their ways. We will constantly remind both you and them that their actions have no place in a true democracy.We will translate the lies and omissions being made by politicians on both sides of the aisle, our media and our justice system.
We have confirmed that our key allies are more committed than ever in pursuing a responsible reform/release scenario. They are more confident than ever that we will emerge victoriously.

Keep the Faith!