Bill Ackman 2/12/15 on Fannie and Freddie:
“ you know, I think that ultimately, truth prevails. That’s been my experience as an investor and my experience in life. And we need to recapitalize Fannie and Freddie.”

Mark Axelowitz, Bill Ackman’s co-chair kicked off the Boys/Girls Harbor fundraising conference in NYC yesterday entering the arena and taking the stage to this classic:
(One of many fine musical choices of the day)

And “A Whole Lotta Love” was truly shown for needy kids in NYC at the conference yesterday. I must say I did not find any trace of greedy billionaire hedge funds in attendance. On the contrary, I found some of the most truly charitable individuals I have ever found at one gathering. They not only donate money, but many make a huge commitment of their time and energy, lending their valuable skills to the betterment of children in need.This stands in stark contrast to the false narrative that has been perpetrated by our government and co-signed by many in the media.Our government in an attempt to cover up their lies had great success in framing this battle as one of the greedy hedge funds trying to take money from the poor tax payers. This myth has been largely dispelled as more and more people learn the truth.

Bill Ackman had quite a bit to say about Fannie and Freddie at the conference yesterday:

Bill makes several key points crystal clear driving home the fact that the Third Amendment sweep makes the GSEs the most undercapitalized financial institutions in the world.This is the pinnacle of risk as combined they make up the largest financial institution in the world as well. The status quo is untenable and must be corrected. The commonsense of reform/release grows clearer every day.

I was hesitant to share about my visit there to avoid giving our opponents any opportunity to assume improperly that our efforts here are motivated by the possibility of financial gains related to the release of Fannie and Freddie. However after attending I felt compelled to share the truth about those who have been so falsely portrayed by both our government and our governments blind supporters in the media.

We stand committed to ensuring that the truth is known. We will continue our take no prisoners onslaught against those who continue to perpetrate the lies. To our Republican/conservative readers who feel offended by our relentless attacks against the serial liars such as Jeb/Royce/Wallison I would suggest you reach out to them and simply ask them to stop lying. We will gladly stop our attacks if they cease polluting America with their Soviet-Style propaganda.

We balance our attacks with celebrations accordingly.We are fighting a war that has multiple fronts and we have enjoyed great success at coordinating our strategy to attain maximum effectiveness.
The tide continues to turn but we must push harder than ever if we hope to achieve victory. Our opponents are learning that you can’t put the genie back in the bottle.  The truth will prevail!

Keep The Faith!